Will Smith: Oscar high to reputational low?

So, what must be achieved concerning the difficult belligerent whose violent antics had been dominating the headlines, clogging up our newsfeeds and scaring our youngsters?

A programme of sanctions? Expulsion, possibly – however if that is so, from what? Should there be an investigation by means of the related government? But who even has jurisdiction in instances like this?

Finally, and possibly maximum urgent of all, what likelihood now of a Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Anniversary Tour or a Wild Wild West sequel? Sorry, did you suppose I used to be speaking about Putin?

The Will Smith Scandal or The Slap That Was Heard Around The World (or, if it used to be an episode of Friends, The One Where A Joke Falls Flat And Someone Gets Lamped On Stage At The Oscars) raises such a lot of questions on such a lot of problems, it’s arduous to grasp the place to start out.

Male violence, poisonous masculinity, the drive on black position fashions, doubtful humour (hi Jimmy Carr!), hair loss (extra on that beneath), A-list behaviour – all are accumulated into its not-so-welcoming fingers.

On the opposite hand, it’s arduous to grasp whether or not to start out in any respect. I will be able to make it possible for just about no one in Scotland who awoke on Monday morning to the scoop of the onstage altercation between Will Smith and comic Chris Rock had (a) watched the Oscars (b) watched King Richard, the movie for which Will Smith used to be nominated or (c) been mindful that Smith’s actress spouse Jada Pinkett Smith even suffered from alopecia, a hair loss situation which gave the look to be the butt of funny story by means of Mr Rock.

Archaic gag

BUT if they might say “Hell yeah” to all the above, I’ll double down and guess (d) they haven’t observed or can’t have in mind GI Jane, the movie referred to by means of Mr Rock in his gag about Pinkett Smith’s hairdo, so (e) wouldn’t have were given the funny story anyway.

Am I going too speedy? Briefly, then, so everybody’s at the identical web page: GI Jane stars a shaven-headed Demi Moore. Pinkett Smith, as a result of mentioned alopecia, has shaved her head. Rock, addressing his feedback to Mrs Smith from the level, says one thing alongside the strains of “Can’t wait for GI Jane Two, Jada”.

Husband Will, cheeky rapper grew to become Hollywood A-lister, laughs first of all however then turns out to take offence and climbs out of the target audience to slap Rock. Hard. Cue mayhem and no matter noise the web makes when it breaks.

But start we will have to so let’s get started with the primary individual we must be involved for, Mr Rock. After all, it used to be he who suffered what used to be necessarily a administrative center attack, one broadcast reside to hundreds of thousands and in entrance of an target audience boasting just about everybody in Hollywood who issues. Plus the actors they arrange.

Still ‘processing’ slap

MR Rock has mentioned little since despite the fact that at a display in Boston on Wednesday he informed target audience participants he used to be nonetheless “processing” what had came about, most definitely therapist discuss for one thing to do with brokers and attorneys (multiple individual has instructed he sue for damages and helpfully instructed a sum of $200 million).

Either method, I’m beautiful positive “processing” received’t have concerned approaching level to Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince’s toe-tapper Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble, or Boom! Shake the Room from their 1993 album Code Red. But I wasn’t there so I will be able to’t be completely positive.

I don’t know both if Mr Rock knew about Ms Pinkett Smith’s alopecia. If he didn’t, she used to be an unlucky goal for his humour. If he did, the gag is verging at the indefensible. Let’s give him the good thing about the doubt.

It’s now not as though it used to be scripted, anyway. Mr Rock used to be simplest on level to offer the award for Best Documentary to Summer Of Soul director Ahmir Thompson, higher referred to as rapper Questlove from The Roots. His win used to be as vital in its method as Smith’s a couple of mins later, however what came about previously utterly overshadowed it.

Ditto what must had been the most important tale of the evening, the numerous features made by means of ladies. Jane Campion received for The Power Of The Dog and was simplest the 3rd girl to take house an Academy Award for Best Director. Sian Heder received Best Adapted Screenplay for Coda whilst the movie itself received Best Picture. Billie Eilish picked up Best Original Song, and Ariana DeBose was the primary queer girl of color to win Best Supporting actress for her efficiency in West Side Story.

Having a significant phrase

INSTEAD of celebrating all that (and Smith’s win, don’t disregard) the headlines have been about male-on-male violence. “What a thing to wake up to,” tweeted Booker Prize-winning creator Bernardine Evaristo on Monday. “Only the fifth black man in nearly 100 years to win an Oscar for male lead, and the first in 16 years, resorts to violence instead of utilising the power of words to slay Chris Rock.” For the document, Smith did additionally lodge to the ability of phrases – he two times bellowed “Keep my wife’s name out of your ******* mouth” after retaking his seat.

The 2nd individual we must have sympathy for, in fact, is Jada Pinkett Smith herself.

She has spoken up to now about her alopecia, which she published in 2018, and her common posts about it on social media had been extensively acclaimed for elevating consciousness of what’s a distressing situation. In December, she posted a video of her newly-shaven head. “At this point I can only laugh,” she mentioned, including: “Me and this alopecia are going to be friends.” But now the entire international is aware of. Literally. That actually is difficult to procedure.

A stand-up man?

AND the 3rd individual? Well, there isn’t actually any one else to really feel sorry for except you need to take a look at to return to Will Smith’s defence. Some did, pointing to the truth that he used to be merely status up for his spouse. A believable excuse for what came about? No. Smith admitted as a lot when he in spite of everything launched a commentary on Friday. “My actions at the 94th Academy Awards presentation were shocking, painful, and inexcusable,” it learn. “The list of those I have hurt is long and includes Chris, his family, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all those in attendance, and global audiences at home.”

So, what’s subsequent for Will Smith, an actor whose profession has been constructed on his ability for inhabiting roles in critical movies – he has 3 Oscar nominations and one win – and for the on-screen amiability he brings to the fewer critical ones, such because the Men In Black franchise? What about the specter of sanctions, expulsions and investigations? That too has been addressed, no less than to an extent, as a result of in tandem with Friday’s commentary, Mr Smith introduced that he used to be resigning from the Oscars Academy. So no 4 determine goodie bag at subsequent yr’s awards. Big deal.

Arresting efficiency

JIM Carrey has mentioned Smith must had been arrested and, to be honest, he has some extent. Indeed, Oscars manufacturer Will Packer has published that cops have been prepared to adopt the collar and rate him with battery. It’s not likely to occur retrospectively, if simplest as a result of Mr Rock is not likely to press fees.

But in spite of the commentary Will Smith nonetheless has questions to reply to – a variety of them – and the wear and tear to his popularity might be immense.

Here’s a unusual factor although: 15 million folks watched the Oscars, however simplest 66 complained concerning the attack to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), America’s model of Ofcom. To put that during standpoint, the FCC won 1,300 proceedings in 2020 concerning the Superbowl half-time efficiency by means of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Maybe America simply doesn’t care that a lot – or now not up to it pretends to.

Will Smith will hope that’s the case. Otherwise that Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Anniversary Tour received’t seem like this kind of dumb thought.

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