What Is the ABC Diet and Should I Try It?

There are all sorts of diets out there that claim to put you in the best shape of your life. 

For some, they swear by the keto diet, which is an ultra low carb, high fat diet that forces your body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Other people swear by the Mediterranean diet, where you consume foods like those consumed by people living in the Mediterranean. 

And some people swear by the highly intense ABC Diet, also called the Ana Boot Camp. This diet promotes weight loss through severe calorie restriction. The goal of this diet is to reduce overall calorie consumption. 

The Keto diet could be a choice if you need to lose weight

Though this diet is one that some people claim helps them, we think there are some better options that aren’t quite so strict and don’t have such a high risk of health issues. 

However, to let you decide for yourself, we are sharing more information about the ABC Diet to see if it’s something you want to try.  

What is the ABC Diet?

The ABC Diet is a 50-day plan that is split up into five different phases.

Throughout those 50 days, the diet claims to boost your body’s metabolism, which helps to promote weight loss. However, because of the restriction that you put your body through with this diet, it is not a good idea for the long-term, but rather just for the short-term. So, you may find that you push your body too far if you do the full 50-day plan. 

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However, for those that are curious, here is the breakdown of the 50-day plan. 

PHASE 1 (Days 1-10)

  • Days 1-2: Consume 500 calories
  • Day 3: Consume 300 calories
  • Day 4: Consume 400 calories
  • Day 5: Consume 100 calories
  • Day 6: Consume 200 calories
  • Days 7-9: Consume 100 additional calories every day until you reach 500 calories
  • Day 10: Consume 0 calories

PHASE 2 (Days 11-20)

  • Day 11: Consume 150 calories
  • Day 12: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 13: Consume 400 calories
  • Day 14: Consume 350 calories
  • Day 15: Consume 250 calories
  • Day 16: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 17: Consume 0 calories
  • Day 18: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 19: Consume 100 calories
  • Day 20: Consume 0 calories

PHASE 3 (Days 21-30)

  • Day 21: Consume 300 calories
  • Day 22: Consume 250 calories
  • Day 23: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 24: Consume 150 calories
  • Day 25: Consume 100 calories
  • Day 26: Consume 50 calories
  • Day 27: Consume 100 calories
  • Day 28: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 29: Consume 800 calories
  • Day 30: Consume 0 calories

PHASE 4 (Days 31-34)

  • Day 31: Consume 250 calories
  • Day 32: Consume 350 calories
  • Day 33: Consume 450 calories
  • Day 34: Consume 0 calories

PHASE 5 (Days 35-50)

  • Day 35: Consume 500 calories
  • Day 36: Consume 500 calories
  • Day 37: Consume 450 calories
  • Day 38: Consume 400 calories
  • Day 39: Consume 350 calories
  • Day 40: Consume 300 calories
  • Day 41: Consume 250 calories
  • Day 42: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 43: Consume 250 calories
  • Day 45: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 46: Consume 300 calories
  • Day 47: Consume 200 calories
  • Day 48: Consume 150 calories
  • Day 49: Consume 150 calories
  • Day 50: Consume 0 calories

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? As mentioned above, this diet is very strict and comes with some risks you should be aware of.

The Risks of the ABC Diet

ABC Diet Calorie Restriction

Anytime you dip below 1000-1500 calories a day, you put your body at risk of serious complications. And, considering this entire diet is under 800 calories for 50 days, you may find yourself suffering from some of the following:

You may also find yourself losing a lot of muscle mass, which can put you at risk of osteoporosis due to the lack of essential vitamins. You may even suffer from organ damage if you continue with this diet for too long, as your body isn’t getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs and you are putting it through quite extreme circumstances.

Another side effect of the ABC Diet is that it can cause you to develop unhealthy eating habits that are in the same vein as anorexia. Because of the massive decrease in caloric intake that occurs over the 50 days, it can start to become a habit and your new way of eating, which is not healthy or sustainable in the long term. 

The Benefits of the ABC Diet

The ABC Diet does help you burn calories and lose weight, as it supports your body using pre-stored fat for energy since you aren’t consuming many calories. 

However, this is something that may only work as long as you are on the diet. Many people find that they gain the weight back when they go back to a normal eating schedule. 

Is the ABC Diet Safe?

If you ask most doctors whether this diet is right for you, they will say no. The ABC Diet restricts your calories to a dangerous level, which can result in all sorts of issues both in the short-term and the long-term.

There are many other diets out there that are not as extreme and can still help you lose weight without putting your body at risk. You could try part of the ABC Diet and not do the full 50 days to see how it helps you, but be sure to consult with a doctor before going on any sort of diet to ensure your health is in the right place to do so. 

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