Weekly News Update –

  • The New York Times answered a reader question about why women’s sizes don’t make sense.
  • Vox’s The Goods explained the global consequences of Americans throwing away so much clothing.
  • Rolling Stone stated that people with Long Covid are risking their health going back to the office.
  • MyShingle provided 11 reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to start your own law firm.
  • NPR noted that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier had its first all-woman guard change in history.
  • The New York Times observed that other countries pay for childcare in very different ways than the U.S.
  • The Guardian reported on ASOS’s new employee benefits, which allow employees dealing with pregnancy loss, including miscarriages and abortions, to take 10 days of leave, with the policy also applying to pregnant people’s partners and for surrogate pregnancies.
  • One final NYT link, this one about SCAD, the most common cause of heart attacks in women under 40.
  • The Washington Post gave advice on avoiding scams and poor-quality products when you shop online.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from The Belladonna, with “Your Online Workout Modifier Misses You.”

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