Week Of Organizing: The Kitchen

Our kitchen is truly the hub of our home, the place where we gather together with family and friends, making it the perfect kick-off to our week of organizing series! When we redesigned our kitchen a few years ago, we wanted it to be open, light and airy. While we continue to love the over-all design, we have had a bit of a challenge when it comes to storage. Inspired by my growing collection of dishware and glassware, we set-out to reorganize drawers and cupboards in a way that made sense to our everyday needs as a family. We discovered along the way several really useful tools and practical solutions that worked so well for us that we wanted to share them with you. Below are some practical ideas to help get you on your way to a more organized kitchen for the new year!

kitchen organization
kitchen organization

We love how easy it is to store and access all of our kitchen baking and dry goods in this set of plastic storage containers.

Help produce last longer in the refrigerator with these handy fresh produce storage containers.

We use baskets everywhere in our house to help declutter, including in the kitchen. This versatile style has easy-to-grab handles and are perfect for stacking.

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