Tommee Tippee launches the Dreammaker, giving the nation’s families the chance to sleep like a baby

As a parent you’ll do anything to help your baby sleep. All so they can rest a little better, for a little longer. But it’s not really all about them, is it? You might not admit it, but it’s as much about your sleep as it is theirs. Whether it’s having a nap in the car on your lunch hour or surviving on ready meals just so you can get to bed that bit earlier, the hunt for those elusive Zzzs can take you to extreme lengths. 

Armed with this knowledge, Tommee Tippee™ has set out to help revolutionise the sleeping patterns of babies and in turn, their parents. Enter, the Dreammaker – a scientifically proven light and sound sleep aid inspired by the womb that aims to help babies drop off surrounded by the comforts of their first “home”.

Developed with a world-leading sleep laboratory and sleep scientists at Northumbria University, the Dreammaker is a unique, patent-pending sleep aid that relaxes your baby, lulls them into a deep sleep and prolongs the length of their slumber – meaning you can snooze for longer too. 

“There’s a popular belief that babies sleep best in a quiet room, but absolute silence is unfamiliar for babies; the womb has its own sonic landscape combined with the sounds that filter in from the outside world.”, said Pam Alfonso-Miller M.D., Clinical Director of Sleep Research at Northumbria University. That’s why the Dreammaker simulates the ideal sleep conditions, rooted in science, that feel familiar and comforting to your little one, allowing them to nod off quickly rather than be overstimulated. 


So, how does the Dreammaker work?

  • Pink noise: Mimics the natural sounds of the womb and encourages baby to fall asleep faster, deeper and for longer as it provides them with a comforting, familiar and more natural background noise.
  • Red light: Soothes and promotes the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, without disturbing baby (or parents) once asleep. It also provides a less disruptive experience during the night whether you’re feeding, checking your baby’s nappy, or comforting them after a nightmare.
  • Pulsing glow: The rhythmical pulses of soft light mimic the slow, deep breaths of baby’s relaxed breathing rate, which calms and helps them drift off to sleep.
  • Intelligent CrySensor technology: The integrated CrySensor listens out for baby’s cries during the night and automatically turns the device back on to soothe them back to sleep.
  • USB powered: Easy to use, simply double tap the ring on the top of the product and select the light, sound and pulse settings to suit your preferences. The device must be connected to the mains to function.

Sleep is crucial to brain function and development – for them and you. And with research revealing the average parent manages only 4.4hrs’ sleep a night during their baby’s first year1, it’s never been more important to discover effective ways to ensure you’re both feeling like your happiest self, ready to take on the day. 

Jason Ellis, Professor of Sleep Science at Northumbria University reiterated, “Sleep keeps us grounded, alert and ready for the world. While asleep we cement any knowledge that we have acquired, we rest and allow our mind and body to recover. Sleep is crucial for growth and development – especially for babies (that’s why they do it so much!).”

True to its name, the Tommee Tippee Dreammaker is helping parents’ dreams come true by fostering a better night’s sleep. Because when babies sleep better, parents sleep better too.

The Tommee Tippee Dreammaker is available to purchase at RRP £29.99 via Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Boots, as well as directly from  

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1) Research by Tommee Tippee, February 2020. Sample size 1,000 parents of 0-5yr olds.

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