Tom Cruise appearance on ITV Queen’s Platinum Jubilee slammed for promoting new Top Gun

Actor Tom Cruise was among the celebrity guests who attended a historic event to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration at Windsor Castle.

ITV’s live broadcast, hosted by Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham, gave viewers an insight into the performances and behind the scenes action at the Royal residence for the one-off event.

The Manchester Evening News reports that Cruise was mobbed as he walked through Windsor to the castle on Sunday (May 15). He was invited to the event to introduce the Kings Troop Royal Artillery.

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Speaking with the ITV presenters, he said: “It is a real privilege. This is a woman who I greatly admire. She has tremendous dignity and what she has accomplished is historic. I just have great respect for her. I really love the tradition. And what a moment. That’s a lot of history there.”

But fans were baffled when the presenters started talking about his new film, Top Gun: Maverick. Isla Davidson wrote: “Tiny American fruit-loop Tom Cruise flogging his movie at the Queens Jubilee event. Stay classy, Tom.”

Colin Hancock wrote: ” @Schofe Why did you feel the need to ask Tom bl**dy cruise about his new movie @ The Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration.”

Jamie Law-Green wrote: “Watching the queens platinum jubilee celebration on ITV but all we’ve had is Tom Cruise plugging his new movie. Sod off!”

Karen Ritchie wrote: “Could not understand why Tom Cruise was part of this #Jubilee program. Now I know. He has a movie to plug. I mean that whole interview was very little to do with The Queen. Surprised he didn’t break out the Scientology pamphlets.”

The Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee marking an historic milestone of seven decades on the throne. She first came to the throne in 1952, making her the longer-serving British monarch.

Organisers hope the Queen will attend the celebration which chronicles the history of the Crown through the centuries with horses from around the world playing starring roles.

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