The Twelve Rising Signs & Who I Hate the Most

Forget your sun sign! Your big three is the biggest tell-all to your main personality. And girl, if you think I don’t have feelings about each rising sign, I have news for you! 

Your rising sign is the first place your birth chart touches and more or less sets up your entire birth chart. It’s the first impression you give off to people, who you appear to be towards strangers, and how you perceive the very basic parts of your personality. It’s like, are you a spontaneous Leo (Rising Sag), or are you a super empathetic Aries (Cancer Rising)? In a singular day, the rising sign will change a full twelve times (aka it will go through all Zodiac signs) so it all depends on your birth time.


As a Libra Sun, I might be a little biased, but um… I think Libra Risings are superior to Libra Suns. Yeah. I said it. Y’all are so friendly and maybe a bit too charming for your own good, but always a good time. Depending on your sun sign, I think the interaction could be God-sent.


MAGNETIC. You exude an air of dominating confidence and I shrivel before it, but like, in a good way. Generally, I think you come across with a lot of life and excitement, and are generous with it.


Oh, my big softies. Whereas I think Libra Risings overpower Libra Suns, I think Pisces Risings are the even softer parts of Pisces Suns. You are the kind of person that I want to have in my life just to exist with. You make life sweet and gentle, and I think everyone needs that.


Aries Sun? Absolutely freaking terrified. You are much too intense for my very air-dominated chart. But Aries Rising? Oh, girlypop, get your cute butt over here and let’s be friends. The best company with the best jokes.


Being a Gemini Rising is messy. But it’s a mess I won’t ever look away from. I’m sorry. There’s no hate for y’all, just incredibly concerned love. If you ever need someone in your corner, baby, I am HERE.


This is fun. You are fun. The spontaneity is unmatched with y’all and I appreciate it. If I need a funky fresh adventure, I know exactly where to go, and it’s to you. Thanks for being the life of the party.


Oh. This is so mf sexc. Can’t say I have many Scorpio Risings in my life, but I would like to have some. If you’re a Scorpio Rising, please HMU. You sound too cool to be true. The front of mystery and seductiveness is enough to pull this Libra Sun in.


My bestie from childhood is a Virgo Rising, so maybe I’m a bit biased. You’re baddies tho. Don’t get me wrong, you’re overthinking baddies, but you’re still dope as heck.


As a Capricorn Rising myself, I think this is so stupid. We, yes we, come off really serious and boring, and that’s just not the vibe that I want to give off. I get that we appear to have our lives together, but let me tell you, every Capricorn Rising is lying. We are freaking messes. Okay????


I actually don’t hate you. It’s just that I love everyone else more. I’m sorry. But hear me out, you can always depend on a Taurus Rising and once you have built a solid relationship with them, it’s forever baby. I find that Taurus Risings are a bit stubborn and that’s a bit annoying… but like who isn’t?


Maybe it’s because my ex was an Aquarius sun, but I really detest Aquarius placements. LMAO. I can’t believe I sound like that Astrology girl. I think you guys can be very personable and are able to focus on other people’s needs very easily, so I mean, at least you have that going for you.


Listen. I am emotional. But Cancer Rising’s take being emotional, empathetic, and compassionate to a whole new level, they feel everything so deeply and then I get pissed because I’m like girl. Pull yourself together. Take care of yourself first boo. That’s why you’re my least favorite rising sign. It’s because I pity you.

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