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So your child wants to be a boxer in a golden ring, whether they’re interested in learning the ropes or want to try a new activity, the best boxing kit for kids might be the answer.

Beginners or little pros alike will need all sorts of essentials such as boxing shorts and boots to make the most of their latest hobby. But before you start investing in the latest gear, it’s vital you understand how this sport can benefit your child.

What are the benefits of boxing for kids?

Beyond Boxing reports “Boxing sharpens kids’ problem-solving skills and teaches them about health and fitness. They appreciate the importance of a healthy diet because of how it will improve their performance in a match. Trainers teach proper form, which prevents injuries and young people remember these tools throughout their lives.”

Boxing benefits for children doesn’t stop there. Other advantages include building confidence and teaching the importance of goal setting. Plus, attending classes is an easy way to help little ones meet others with the same passion.

Boxing kit for kids 2021

Tabletop Stress Buster Punching Ball

Best table boxing kit for kids
Tabletop Stress Buster Punching Ball

Not sure if your children will like boxing? This tabletop punching ball is a good starting place. The sucker function means that it is designed to adhere to smooth and flat surfaces only. 

Review: “Bought as a gift for a six-year-old. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and how fast it took to set up. Better in person than in the picture. My nephew loves it! I would recommend it to anyone. Great value.”

Chad Valley 5 Piece Boxing Set

Best budget boxing kit for kids
Chad Valley 5 Piece Boxing Set

Your little champ will love having hours of fun ‘training’ with this five-piece boxing set from Chad Valley. The kit features a pair of boxing gloves, a punching bag, a head guard and a skipping rope. It is also recommended for ages three years and over.

Review: “I bought this for my three-year-old, and it’s perfect for him to play around with. Good for the price.”

Kids’ Boxing Bag and Glove Set

Recommended boxing kit for kids
Kids' boxing bag and glove set

Another boxing bag and glove set that is going straight on your youngsters wishlist. Parents will love that this comes with a two year warranty.

Review: “The bag are heavy enough for kids age three to nine. The gloves are big enough for kids age five to nine years old.”

M.Y Kids Boxing Bag with Gloves

Recommended boxing kit for kids
 M.Y Kids Boxing Bag with Gloves

Boxing can be an adrenaline-fueled activity for kids or it can teach patience and drive as they perfect jabs and hooks on this punch bag.

Review: “Easily assembled by a ten-year-old for four-year-old little bruiser of a brother who currently doesn’t know his own strength. He wacked it so many times, but it remained intact! He was particularly taken with the small boxing gloves. Well, if it keeps him from thumping other things just for the hell of it, job done.”

Kids Punching Ball

Best outdoor boxing kit for kids
Kids Punching Ball

The saying goes – roll with the punches, right? But this outdoor boxing kit for kids means you won’t have to adapt where children give this sport a go, thanks to its ability to be used indoors or outdoors.

Review: “I’m so glad I bought this for my son. Its very good quality and works really well. Thanks so much.”

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