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Whether your baby is born with a full head of luscious locks or is just coming into their full head of hair in their first months, a good baby hair brush is a newborn essential.

While your own hair brush may do the trick, baby hair brushes are specifically designed to be gentle on your little one’s scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Many newborns will also develop cradle cap and brushing is a great way to help treat this. There are some great baby hair brushes out there that are specifically tailored to treat and minimise cradle cap, alongside baby hair shampoo, from three-step systems to easy bath time brushes – there really is a brush for every baby’s needs.

What to look for in a baby hair brush

Bristle type – For a newborn, you should be looking for ultra-soft bristles, these can be synthetic or natural, like boar or goat. We recommend soft nylon bristles for a delicate brush.

Hair type – Babies have different hair types just like adults and finding the right brush for their hair is just as important. Most babies will have fine hair when they are born, but some are born with full heads of locks, consider this and what hair type you’re expecting your baby to have. Curly and thick hair will be better managed with a detangling brush.

Cradle cap – If your little one has developed cradle cap, look for a brush specific to treating or managing this, for gentle exfoliation and a soft brush at the same time!

Shop our pick of the best baby hair brushes, from gorgeous personalised brushes, perfect for gifting, to detangling brushes ideal for thick or curly hair.

Tommee Tippee Essential Basics Brush and Comb Set

Tommee Tippee Essential Basics Brush and Comb

A great starter kit with the essentials you’ll need to get started from day one. This set from Tommee Tippee contains a soft-bristled brush and comb, both suitable for delicate scalps and use from birth.

This reviewer would buy this time and time again: “I’ve bought this brush for both of my children when they were born, and it is a must buy! Both my children had quite bad cradle cap in the first few months and this brush gently removed all the scales (after using Vaseline on the scalp overnight) and is very easy to wash. They also last a long time, I used this for my daughter’s hair until she was 3!”

ANYDAY John Lewis and Partners Baby Brush

ANYDAY John Lewis u0026amp; Partners Baby Brush

This delicate baby hairbrush features a wooden handle and ultra-soft nylon bristles, suitable for sensitive hair. This is the perfect way to gently groom your baby’s new locks.

One reviewer described this brush as ‘baby soft’: “Bought this brush for the impending arrival of my new grandson. Thank goodness I did as he arrived with almost a full head of hair. This brush is baby soft and just perfect for newborn, toddlers and even grown-ups.”

Jojo Maman Bébé Baby Hairbrush

Jojo Maman Bu00e9bu00e9 Baby Hairbrush

Keep those adorable little hairs in place with the JoJo Baby Hairbrush, made with soft nylon bristles gentle enough for newborn hair. Crafted from sturdy wood engraved with JoJo elephants and presented in a gift box, it makes a lovely present for a new arrival. Personalise with up to 11 characters.

Janet gave this baby hair brush five stars: “Lovely quality, stylish little brush with polished wooden handle and soft inset bristles. Ideal gift for either a baby’ girl or boy, comes in its own little gift box.”

Personalised Baby Hair Brush

Personalised Baby Hair Brush

This beautiful personalised hair brush has super soft bristles, perfect for newborns. The natural bristles help to leave your baby’s hair soft and silky, styling their hair while stimulating their scalp. Personalise with optional floral pattern and child’s name.

Baby Wooden Hair Brush And Comb Set

Baby Wooden Hair Brush And Comb Set

All natural! These brushes use natural soft goat bristles, bamboo, beech wood and pear wood for all the hairbrushes and comb. Handmade with love and perfectly safe for newborns, toddlers and kids. The use of soft natural premium grade goat bristles helps to evenly distribute hair oil for a healthier and cleaner scalp. With daily scalp massages, it can help to prevent or reduce cradle cap from building up.

Wendy couldn’t be happier with this set: “I got these for my baby girl – the main brush is so soft, I love it! The comb and brush are going to so useful in the long run when her hair starts to grow and the wood feels really sturdy and soft, and I think it’s amazing. Highly recommend this set!”

Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly Detangling Hairbrush

Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly Detangling Hairbrush

I’m sure you’ve already heard of Tangle Teezer, and as good as they are for our hair they’re also great for babies and tots. This brush specifically designed for thick and curly hair is perfect for little ones born with a full head of curly locks, as it’s gentle on curls and knots and great for detangling!

This mum of two was super impressed: “My daughter has very curly hair that knots and matts constantly, I’d tried all the usual stuff, combing when wet with conditioner or using products etc but nothing worked. Bought this as a last resort and I’m very glad I did! It works a treat, best when I brush her hair in the bath, but still great dry too. My son has autism and has taken to brushing his hair with this too as he loves the feel!”

DermaFrida the FlakeFixer

DermaFrida the FlakeFixer

If your new arrival is dealing with a bit of cradle cap at the moment, then this special hair brush is perfect. Give flakes the brush off with our Flake Fixer – the first 3-step system specially designed to fix the cradle cap flake situation. First lather (with sponge), then loosen (with brush) and lift (with comb) then get back to baby with more cradle, less cap. Super effective and still gentle on your little one!

One of the many glowing five-star reviews: “I never write reviews however I felt like I need to praise how amazing and worth the money this is! I used this for the first time using Johnston’s cradle cap oil and massaging their head for 10mins with the brush before a bath. I washed their hair twice as oil can be stubborn to get out.

“Once out the bath I used the comb and it genuinely was coming off gently! I was a bit sceptical at first however the amount that came off their head was amazing. It will take a few times to get everything off however it is extremely gentle to the scalp.”

Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush

Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush

Soft against baby’s skin and still effective to brush away any cradle cap or dry skin, this baby hair brush is perfect for a gentle cleanse during bath time.

Babies love this brush: “Used this on my newborns hair, and he clearly enjoyed it with the smile and instant relaxed feeling in his face. Cleans gently too!”

Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit for Baby

Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit

If you’re getting ready for your new arrival, then this starter kit has a lot of the essentials you’ll need! Organised in one handy pouch you’ll be super prepared to welcome your newborn.

Includes nine baby essentials: digital oral thermometer, baby brush, baby comb, baby scissors, baby nail clippers, two emery boards, toothbrush and nasal aspirator.

Thousands of great reviews say this is a new arrival essential: “I bought this for my new grandson, well a little add on gift for his parents I suppose. It has all those little important things you need with a new baby and I love the fact that they are all there in a lovely little case.”

Boots Baby Brush & Comb Set

Boots Baby Brush & Comb Set

This budget-friendly set includes both a brush and comb for your little one. The handles have been shaped so that they’re comfortable to hold and use plus the softest bristles for the baby brush so it’s suitable for using on your baby’s delicate hair. 

One mum wrote: “The brush is soft but still strong enough to actually brush through babies hair. Comb is good if you ever find little knots (hold the hair and untangle from the bottom). Really pleased with these.”

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