The Art of Letting Go


As certain as time ticks by, as seasons change, as the earth goes round, we hold on to things. We hold on to moments, feelings, relationships, we hold on to memories. Holding on is part of growing, of evolving, of moving forward. But nostalgia is a bitter feeling, a feeling that leaves you empty and haunted. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s a feeling that should be unwanted or avoided. In fact, it’s one that is inevitably common, impossible to sidestep. But holding on has its offset: letting go.

Letting go cures nostalgia, missing things. For those of us who, sometimes, get overwhelmed with sadness, loss or even regret, here are some ideas, some leads, that might help you cope with your melancholy, with you holding on, then letting go.

First, remember that life goes on, that no matter what you’re missing at the moment, time will wash it away. Yes, there are things that will never be the same, that can never be replaced. But don’t forget that life is filled with turns and twists, and that you will never stop being amazed, surprised, by what life can bring you.

Letting go also implies leaving no regrets behind. But sometimes, that can be impossibly difficult. When that happens, try to analyze your thoughts, your torment. No matter what you find out, try and forgive yourself. Letting go of regrets will leave you feeling lighter, optimistic and free.

Whenever holding on becomes impossible, unbearable, time comes to grieve. Turning the page shouldn’t be something that is frightening, gloomy, or even sorrowful. Turning the page only means you are ready to move on, ready to welcome what comes next.

The process of letting go can be long. The path towards serenity is not always easy. Give yourself time. Time to forget, time to forgive, time to accept. And remember. Tomorrow is filled with possibilities. Tomorrow holds new memories. Tomorrow is another day.


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