Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Enjoy With the Turkey

Thanksgiving side dishes are exactly what your table needs for a seriously delicious, well-rounded feast. We can all agree that the dinner isn’t all about the roasted turkey! In fact, some of your guests may claim that the sides are their favorite part of the meal.

Everyone has those one or two side dishes that they really look forward to devouring on Thanksgiving. Whether your loved ones prefer savory veggies, filling starches, or something sweet and tangy, these recipes are sure to hit the spot for your big turkey day celebration. Plus, you can prepare some of these dishes the day before to make putting together this much anticipated feast a breeze.

Now we’re not saying you shouldn’t whip up your aunt’s famous stuffing or green beans this year. However, if you’re looking to give some of those classics a slight twist it’s worth giving these dishes a go to impress friends and family. The best part is these yummy sides are even tastier when enjoyed the next day alongside your leftover turkey.

We have everything you need to make sure all of your guests are satisfied if they enjoy homemade biscuits, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, butternut squash, or all of the above. Take a look below to see all the scrumptious Thanksgiving side dishes you’ll want to whip up for your family this year!

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