T-Mobile’s latest bright idea is a magenta-infused Lite-Brite toy to promote its 5G network

(T-Mobile Photo)

T-Mobile is tapping into a bit of toy nostalgia to shine a light on its unending quest to let everyone know that it’s really, really into 5G.

The Bellevue, Wash.-based wireless company is selling a limited-edition Lite-Brite with all the original light pegs — plus 184 magenta pegs — to promote how it is lighting up the country with better cell coverage, reliability, upload speeds, download speeds and all that 5G stuff.

“This is a real product you can really order,” T-Mobile says on a website for the Lite-Brite, which they’re asking $19.99 for, while supplies last.

The site features a nostalgically goofy video of two kids playing with the toy and there are downloadable templates to create lighted designs such as the T-Mobile logo, a cell tower, a map of the U.S. with 5G in the middle of it, and more.

And of course, because it’s T-Mobile, it’s always about shining brighter than the wireless competition, as the Lite-Brite maps below illustrate:

(T-Mobile Image)

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