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Looking at the varied output of Helsinki-based designer Marina Veziko, it’s perhaps unsurprising that, instead of pursuing a singular aesthetic, she often draws inspiration from her clients’ personality above everything else. “My strategy-based methodology comes from when I still had my day job at a branding studio,” she says. “[We’d hold] a strategy workshop with the client when kicking off the project. I still use that approach with my clients to some extent. I love when all design decisions are rational and justifiable but combined with a hint of intuition—a gut feeling.” Whether crafting a poster equal parts psychedelic and metallic, infusing FEW magazine with a sleek yet tactile editorial design or splashing an organic cosmetics brand with neon orange, Veziko consistently explores the road less traveled—or carves her own path entirely. “I love constraints,” Veziko says. “‘You can do whatever you want’ [as] a brief isn’t nearly as rewarding, because then there are no boundaries to be pushed. I love being able to incorporate suprises in every project.” Another important driver for her work are her values of sustainability, diversity and equality with which she generates personal work, although these days “it’s rare to have to turn down a client due to a value mismatch,” she notes. “FEW magazine, which I created together with designer Tino Nyman and our amazing creative team, is a good example—[it creates a space for] the most discriminated-against minorities in Finland.”

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