Stocks, Crypto, and NFTs {VIDEO}

It’s the two-year anniversary of the 30-Day Bootcamp I made with my millionaire student Matt Monaco. And he’s been in my Trading Challenge for 5 years.

Find out how Matt started with a small account trading stocks. And how he got into crypto and NFTs. This is what’s possible when you build your trading education foundation!

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • I know the PDT rule sucks, but learn how Matt used it to his advantage…
  • Discover how networking and meeting traders in person can speed up your learning curve — get access to my upcoming conference here.
  • How long it took Matt to build his trading foundation, and how he could’ve sped it up.

Don’t miss all that and more in the video below:

Ready to be my next millionaire student? If you’re lazy or want to get rich quickly — don’t apply. I don’t want lazy students. Learn the process, mindset, and patterns that all my students and I use…

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