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Meet Kalohelani Danbara (she/her)! Kalohe is from Laguna Beach. She’s a second year in Eleanor Roosevelt College and is majoring in literature/writing and minoring in communication. I recently met Kalohe and enjoyed learning about her experiences and interests. 

What made you join Her Campus? 

I joined Her Campus because I love to write. I thought it was empowering to have a female centered voice on campus and I really liked that.

What are you currently involved in (on or off campus)? 

I’m a part of the UCSD Guardian. I’ve been interested in journalism and I love to write. I wanted to try out a few different types of writing, so I work with the news team there which is a lot of fun. It’s a more serious type of writing, so I’m excited to try writing for Her Campus because it’s a bit more creative.

Any hobbies or interests? 

I’m a competitive surfer and I’ve been surfing my whole life. I really love to surf and that’s been my main hobby and interest. I also love to read, I’m a huge book nerd, and I’m sponsored by a clothing company called RVCA.

Where do you want to travel? 

I’d love to go to France. I’m planning on studying abroad there. I’ve been taking French here for the past year. I think that would be really cool and I’d love to see what surfing is like there as well because they have some good waves on the coast. 

If you could star in a movie, which movie would it be? 

Harry Potter because I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and I think it would be so incredible to be a part of that. 

What’s your favorite season or time of year and why?

I love Fall because it feels like a fresh start and I love all of the basic Fall things like pumpkin flavor, sweaters, and lattes. I feel like it’s a good season and good things come from Fall, I love it.

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