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On Monday evening I met with a new friend via Zoom to get to know more about each other. I’m so happy I got to become acquainted with Ashey Xu (she/her/hers). Ashley is a third-year transfer student at UCSD, coming from Oregon State. She is majoring in economics and minoring in computer science. Ashley is in Sixth College but is currently completing classes online from back home in the Bay Area. It should be noted that during her responses, I quickly came to the conclusion that she is a Cancer; that’s a good thing.

Any hobbies/interests? I really like skincare, but it’s hard for me to test out products because I have really sensitive skin. I also play the piano and the violin; I kind of played guitar, but it was really hard to play. I enjoy reading as well.

What are some things on your bucket list? For me, a bucket list consists of things that someone wants to experience. I definitely want to go skydiving and zip-lining. Taking self-defense classes would also be a good idea. This one is kind of weird, I’ve had this on my bucket list since 2018, but I want to skateboard with the board attached to a car [laughs].

If you could star in a movie, what movie would it be? I would want to be in a classic movie that makes a lot of money so I could make a lot of money. This is also one of those questions where you remind yourself, “If anyone ever asks me this question, I’ll know the answer,” but when you actually get asked, you can’t think of anything on the spot. Honestly, La La Land would be a good movie to be in.

Who is your celebrity crush? My girl crush is for sure Lily-Rose Depp. I also really like Taron Egerton, he’s super cute. My guy crush does change often, though.

Where do you want to travel? I want to go to so many pretty places. My first choice is Switzerland, I think it’s so beautiful. Besides that, I really want to go to South Africa and Bali.

Thank you, Ashley!

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