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Splash About New Happy Nappy at a glance

Splash About has designed the most reliable, reusable baby swim nappy, the New Happy Nappy. Fully-tested and approved by UK swim-schools it offers maximum protection against faecal leaks due to its distinctive ergonomic design.

Technically constructed from malleable neoprene, with contoured panels to cup baby’s bottom, innovative fitted gusset and specialist-pressured fabric at the waist and legs to provide a secure, comfortable seal. This form-fitting swim nappy moves as baby moves, but uniquely there’s no gaping, regardless of how baby kicks/twists in water. It’s value-for-money, reusable and environmentally-friendly. Offering the cleanest possible swim, it’s no1 choice for stress-free baby swimming.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: This product makes going swimming less stressful and makes me happy to take my little one which is so important for him to learn to swim. No longer needing to use a disposable underneath as it has a double layer is an extra advantage making it easier for me and better for the environment too. Knowing that this new development will keep the pool cleaner and more hygienic is great, we just need all to use the same technology now!

Alice: This product is reusable which means that I do not have to have disposable swimming nappies at home, one nappy which can be washed and gives you the peace of mind that no nasties are leaking into the swimming pool. The fact that it looks great too means my little one wants to wear them for swimming and we don’t have the usual nappy battle.

Vashti: This reusable swim nappy makes swimming so much easier with my baby! I had been using a waterbabies cover but they don’t hold anything really so it’d have to be a disposable swim nappy underneath which usually don’t stay on well on their own. It’s a faff and this solves that completely, it’s all in one package, easy to wash and light and faff free, which is what you need at the swimming pool with littlies!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Vashti: Ease of use it definitely up there for not having to use a disposable, which is better ecologically too of course and saves money in the long run as you can pass it down between kids too. It’s so easy to wash and it has silver nano particles that help keep it clean. Super light and not at all bulky while keeping what needs to be kept in, in!

Victoria: Loved this product! Amazing quality and no need to worry or constantly check swim nappy for accidents. Feels lovely and expensive, the pattern is lush and so many to choose from to suit. Fits both my babies brilliantly. No red marks left on their tummies or legs from the tighter seams. Washes brilliantly and there’s no lifting of colour.

Alice: I would definitely recommend this product to other mums, as they are reusable so you don’t have to have expensive disposable swimming nappies at home. The fun designs means your little one wants to wear them and they seem so much comfier for little ones to wear than the disposable versions. The added bonus is the piece of mind that no nastiest leak into the pool. It’s a brilliant all round product to use to take your little one swimming

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Alice: Having used the disposable versions before which are bulky and not the softest nappy to put your little one in, these reusable swimming nappies are soft and comfortable for your child to use with the added bonus of the technology which gives you piece of mind that no nasties will be leaked into the swimming pool. These are eco friendly and mean another nappy isn’t ending up in landfill. A fabulous all round product. 

Vashti: The design is adorable which is definitely a selling point, such a lovely print. I actually have never used a duo swim nappy of any brand before so it’s a hard question to answer but this has definitely won me over! Compared to others without the inner lining it’s a game changer, pretty, functional and effective!

Sophie: Yes if the claims are true (and I assume they are from the extensive testing that has gone into this) then this is a great product, as it stops the need for a disposable nappy (many swim schools insist on two layers). It will keep our little ones safer and has the usual high quality and eye catching designs you’d expect from Splash About.


What changes would you make to this product?

Vashti: Only thing for me was that my son has pretty chunky thighs but a slim waist, so the lack of adjustability caused us some issues, I had to go with the bigger size for his thighs, but it meant it gaped a bit at the top so maybe a drawstring would be useful or just a couple of folded side poppers or something.

Alice: I think if I could change one thing about this product it would be to add more fun designs available to choose from. There are a few options available but I do think they could benefit by added a few more to the range. I can’t fault the fit and the quality of this product and the technology that they use is brilliant ensuring no nasties are being leaked into the pool.

Sophie: There is very little to improve on this product as outlined above. It would be nice if all their swimming products used this technology as the only way this will improve the safety for all babies in pools (by reducing the harmful bugs) is if all the swimwear has it. More designs always welcomed as well.


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