Should Leah Be More Understanding Of Jaylan’s Teen Mom 2 Move?

Leah and Jaylan have again and again said their intentions to are living nearer to one another and no longer date at a distance. But right through this night’s Teen Mom 2 episode, the couple — who simply formally become boyfriend and female friend — skilled a setback of their shared purpose.

Jaylan were given a role in West Virginia, nevertheless it was once no longer as as regards to Leah as she had was hoping and he had to be “in person for a bit” (aka no longer paintings remotely). Leah contemplated why he would no longer simply keep in Georgia since they would not be in shut proximity regardless.

“It’s eight hours versus two hours,” he defined to Leah. “Georgia is out of reach, babe.”

“I think long-distance is long-distance any way you look at it,” Leah countered. “It’s not like you can just go on a date.”

Jaylan disagreed and felt he was once doing up to he may to make vital sacrifices to be close to Leah and her circle of relatives. But Leah was once nonetheless hesitant about this upcoming exchange and was once undecided how it might spread. Jaylan grew visibly annoyed and was once disillusioned that they weren’t “celebrating the moment.”

“This is kind of getting to me in a way — I ain’t gonna lie,” he concluded.

What do you assume: Should Leah exchange her viewpoint, or does she have a proper to be disenchanted that she and Jaylan would possibly not be nearer? Or is Jaylan’s sadness that his transfer was once no longer met with extra pleasure justified? Give your take, then stay observing Teen Mom 2 each and every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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