Scottish pubs ‘can really get back to business’ after key Covid change

SCOTLAND’S pubs “can now really start to get back to business” after a transformation in face masking laws was once introduced nowadays.

The Scottish Government showed that the felony requirement to put on face coverings in maximum indoor public areas and on public delivery will change into steering on April 18. However, it recommends that mask “continue to be worn where appropriate”, reminiscent of in indoor crowded areas and on buses and trains.

Reacting to the announcement, Colin Wilkinson, managing director of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, stated the trade was once “not before time and long overdue”.

Expressing hope that authorized hospitality in Scotland can now actually begin to get again to trade”, Mr Wilkinson stated: “Scotland has been out of step with England for months and it has resulted in confusion for patrons, in particular guests from south of the Border, and frustration for trade house owners and their workforce – the loss of use of face coverings in has been obviously obtrusive in lots of settings.

“The decision to move the legislation to ‘guidance’ is warmly welcomed although not before time and long overdue and while we had hoped it would have been in force ahead of the Easter holidays, a time when licensed hospitality traditionally experiences an uplift in business, it is better late than never.”

Mr Wilkinson added: “There is still an exceptionally long and uphill struggle ahead for many hospitality businesses with ongoing issues to overcome and the Scottish Government needs to support our industry which is key to the economy and jobs.

“The last thing the sector needs right now is to be hindered in its recovery with issues which have been sitting on the back burner since Covid hit us, such as the deposit return scheme, calorie labelling on menus, and the introduction of a tourist tax.”


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