Scott Parker underlines how much his staff mean to him at AFC Bournemouth

SCOTT Parker insisted there were not enough words to describe how important assistant Matt Wells, as well as the rest of his staff would be, as Cherries get set for their return to the Premier League.

Wells and Parker first met when the latter was put in charge of Tottenham Hotspur’s under-18 squad and have since worked at Fulham and now Cherries.

Wells was one of a number of staff brought to Vitality Stadium by Parker last summer, as well as Alastair Harris, Rob Burch, Charlie Moore and Jonathan Hill.

Merging with the likes of Steve Fletcher and Gary O’Neill, who were already at Cherries before their arrival, Parker and his coaching group recorded a second-placed Championship finish and automatic promotion.

And while the club gets prepared to head back to England’s elite level, Parker stressed the significance of having trusted lieutenant Wells and the rest of his staff alongside him.

“There aren’t enough words that I can say about Matt in the sense of what he is, what he brings, what he gives me,” the former England midfielder told the Daily Echo.

“Along with all the staff. You’ve asked me about Matt and I could speak about every one of my staff with the same words really.

“But like all of us, the next challenge now is the Premier League. Like we have all done through our short careers in three years of management, we have stuck together.

“We have been ruthless at times. We have a team among us and we want to get better and improve.

“That’s going to be the same. I don’t think that’s going to change one bit for the next part, which is going to be next year.”

When Cherries saw their promotion to the top flight secured against Nottingham Forest earlier this month, Parker and Wells embraced before being surrounded by jubilant fans and staff alike.

Asked what he said at that moment, the Cherries boss replied: “I can’t remember. I was just immensely proud.

“I feel proud of the players, I feel proud of the team – beyond proud.

“And my staff as well really, because we came here. They’ve had to move and buy new property, move families, move kids to new schools, which is all a big change and a big commitment they have had to do.

“I am just proud that the work and commitment they have shown, we’ve had success at the end of it.”

Cherries’ Premier League fixtures will be announced on Thursday, June 16.

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