Save 60% on the Cryotex Handheld Percussive Massager at Amazon

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

SAVE 60%: This massage gun from Cryotex was originally priced at $149. As of Jan. 10, it’s on sale for 60% off at Amazon, so it’ll only cost you $59.99.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who wants some gear to help with recovery post-workout or just stiff from hunching over a laptop during that nine-to-five WFH life, a massage gun can come in handy.

The Cryotex Handheld Percussion Massager has six heads, each of which is shaped to target different parts of your body, from a U-shaped spinal head designed to fit around the lower neck to a soft air cushion head for sensitive spots that require gentler pressure. It also boasts 20 speed modes for maximum customization.

This massage gun clocks in at just two pounds, so it won’t be too much added weight to your gym bag. Its battery lasts up to six hours.

Black massage gun with six interchangeable heads

Credit: Cryotex

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