Raiders punter A.J. Cole is the most entertaining NFL player you don’t know about

It’s high time we all start appreciating A.J. Cole of the Raiders, the NFL’s most entertaining punter. Heck, he might be on the way to becoming one of the most entertaining players in the entire league. Don’t believe me? Just listen to his time with the media on Wednesday.

I can relate to this on a visceral level. Whenever I’m with my friends we get into exceedingly stupid hypothetical discussions. Now, we haven’t dived into the world of who would win in a wrestling match if one of us didn’t have thumbs, but we’re not far off. I mean, we had a two hour conversation one day about whether we thought we could kill a rabid spider monkey with a knife if trapped in a room with it for 24 hours. Morbid I know, but it sparked good debate.

So, when A.J. Cole talks about how teams should have a special teams units fight in parking lots like the news teams from Anchorman, I get it. I mean it’s ridiculous, but I love it. It’s also incredible that Cole is tracking the hair length of Derek Carr with a level of detail such a monumental event warrants.

There’s a beautiful element of self depreciation and cringe we really don’t see from NFL players. The entire special teams unit of the Raiders has been ignored for far too long by everyone outside of Las Vegas. Not anymore.

They are perfect.

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