POSTPONED / Applying for a passport or ID card in Adelaide on the 21 and 22 of June | News item

Due to the recent Covid-cases in NSW and the travel restrictions to South Australia,  the consular visit to Adelaide cannot take place. If you had an appointment booked you will be notified by email about a new date. 

The consular team from the Dutch consulate-general in Sydney will be visiting Adelaide on 21 and 22  June 2021 to provide you with the opportunity to apply for a Dutch passport or ID-card.

The consular team will also visit other cities in Australia.

Coronavirus/COVID-19: please keep in mind that last-minute changes may apply.

Book an appointment

  • Make an appointment for a passport application via our online appointment system.
  • Choose the category “Passport -ID Card in Adelaide”.
  • If you get the notification “No time slots available”, this means the maximum number of appointments has been reached.


After making the appointment you will receive an email confirmation stating the location of the appointment.

Required documents

Create a personal checklist for each person on the page Applying for a passport or ID card if you live in Australia. The checklist will tell you which documents you need to bring to the appointment.


Pay when you submit your application. Payments can be made by Eftpos, Mastercard or Visa. See the overview of consular tariffs in Australia for information on the costs of a passport or ID card.

Passport photos

The photo used for a passport, ID card or visa must meet certain requirements. Read more about these requirements on the page Photo for a passport, ID card or visa in Australia.


In case you have any questions, please ask your questions via the contact form.

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