Podcast Recommendations from a College Girl

Podcasts are becoming daily pass times for people of all demographics. So, if you don’t have a favorite podcast yet, what are you doing?

The podcasting world consists of more than Joe Rogan, and you deserve to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. 

Here’s a list of some podcasts that are in my regular rotation:

“Your Zodiac” Today

I’m a Pisces, so I listen to the “Pisces Today” podcast religiously. These short 1-3 minute episodes premiere daily and allow for you to start your day with positivity, and an outlook on what works for you today, and what you should avoid. 

Standout Episode: The standout episode is whichever one came out the day you listen!

Sistas Who Kill: A True Crime Podcast 

Black women are underrepresented in every form of modern media, and this includes true crime. Black Stories aren’t talked about enough, the Sista Who Kill podcast understands this and exclusively tells the stories of black women “murderesses” as the hosts call them. The hosts are best friends, MaRahnand Taz, and they have personalities that provide a good and relatable outlook on the murder stories they narrate. 

Standout Episode: “The Murder of Emani Moss”

The Sleepy Bookshelf 

If you find yourself getting the best sleep when you’re logged into your Zoom lecture, this podcast is for you. The narrator begins each episode by instructing you to relax and then begins to read popular novels. This podcast works because the whole point of it is to help you to fall asleep!

Standout Episode: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Series 

StoryBooth Daily 

This podcast allows for people to tell their personal stories and the scenarios are always relatable. The best part of this podcast is that the episodes are only five to six minutes long. Listening to these makes me feel like a friend is venting to me, and I’m here to support and give them feedback on their situations. 

Standout Episode: “I Sent Nudes”

Whether you’re walking to class, or relaxing in your dorm, listening to podcasts allows you to learn about the world around you just by listening. If none of these series piques your interest, don’t be discouraged. There are thousands of podcasts out there. All you have to do is scroll on your favorite streaming platform and see what they have to offer. 

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