No address, no problem: Amazon enables Prime members to send gifts via text or email in app

Amazon is making it easier for Prime members to get gifts to friends and family, even if the shopper doesn’t have a delivery address to work with.

The company announced a new feature in its shopping app Monday that allows Prime members to send a gift to another Amazon account holder via that person’s phone number or email address. The recipient does not have to be a Prime member.

The feature, available only through Amazon’s mobile app, works when a shopper adds an item to their cart and selects “add a gift receipt for easy returns” before proceeding to checkout. When choosing the delivery address, Prime members will now see a new option to “let the recipient provide their address.”

Once a phone number or email address has been entered, and the order is placed, the recipient receives a gift notification by text or email. By clicking on the gift notice, the gift “unwraps” and shows what the gift is.

The recipient can accept the gift and provide a delivery address or exchange the item for an Amazon gift card. The gift giver is not notified if the recipient decides to go the exchange route.

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