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2021 lasted for a good five seconds and barely gave me time to sit down to improve myself in any way. I was caught up in the web of school work, internships, writing articles, and working part-time. But, in 2022, to switch up things a bit, instead of setting goals that I might not be able to get to, I came up with nine questions that I want to incorporate into my daily life of 2022. Setting goals can be intimidating sometimes and not getting near to achieving them may be a huge letdown for the end of the year season. So, in hopes that these nine questions will help me improve a little, I will keep you guys updated with my progress!

Here goes:

  1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
    • I often doubt myself and chicken out of taking up new challenges. I hope that asking myself this question everytime I am in doubt will help me get more perspective about failing and succeeding. This year, I feel like I need to be more open to failure and realize that unless I do not take up new challenges, I will forever remain where I am now.
  2. How are you, really?
    • Getting busy is really easy for me. I tend to stay up late working and wake up early to get some reading done. I have noticed that I tend to not slow down and take up time for self-care. In 2022, I promise myself to ask this question atleast once a week and rewind my brain to slow down in life a little bit.
  3. How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do?
    • As much as it is important to build yourself up, it is equally as important to pull yourself to the ground. I like to celebrate little successes and often times, that gets to my head. I like to pretend that one day, I will be well-known and the best at my work. That gets me thinking of what type of person I want to become as well. By asking this question, I hope to get in touch with my future self.
  4. Are you finding your dream opportunities or are you creating them?
    • I can say that I have pretty much the next ten years of my life twined into a loose plan. I have goals for the next five years and ten years. Having this plan is conciliating but it tends to calm me down too much sometimes. Asking myself this question from time to time, I hope, will get me thinking about what things I need to work on through the way as well.
  5. If there was a solution to your anxiety, what would it look like?
    • With more time for extra curricular activities comes more interaction with new people. For me, that is the peak of social anxiety. This year, I want to focus more on habdling that part of me. In a more constructive way, I want contextualize the solution to my social anxiety.
  6. Why are you worth knowing?
    • Are you worth knowing? Are you someone will remember? —- Not neccesarily for something great and extra-ordinary, but at least for something funny I said, something interesting I said. Moreover, building my self up as a person that is not competitive but influential will most definitely be on the top of my do-to list for 2022.
  7. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
    • People often say that to grow, you need to keep learning. This year, I have decided that I will learn one new instrument and start to learn a new language. Now, you must think it is too much for one year, but having the motivation to start, should get me somewhere.
  8. How do you treat people who can do nothing for you?
    • Probably the most important question for 2022. It is quite easy to keep people that give you something —- friendship, inspiration, love, companionship. But treating the people who simply pass by in my life, with compasion and rightfulness, will be my new focus. Not to improve myself or anything, but to understand who I am as a human being.
  9. What or who lights you up?
    • Probably the question we all need to focus on! The person or the thing that makes you happy and lights you up, should be the secondary characters in the movie of your life!

In hopes that 2022 will be a better year than the past two, I hope that these questions will help me become a better person as well!

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