My Top 5 Christmas Songs This Holiday Season

Growing up with a musical background, a huge part of Christmas was always the music. I have played countless different arrangements of holiday classics like “Jingle Bells” and “Sleigh Ride” throughout my experience in high school and middle school band. However, my top five favorite Christmas songs never seemed to find their way onto my music stand. 

5. “Bring Me Love”  by John Legend

This song came out about three years ago; however, I just discovered it this holiday season. It is so catchy and has an upbeat rhythm to it. It is one of those songs that you really can’t sit still and listen to. Even if it’s just a foot tap, this song will get people moving. The lyrics describe not wanting candy or toys for Christmas but wanting Santa to bring love. This is an adorable song that always brings a smile to my face.

4. “Grown Up Christmas List” by Kelly Clarkson

I know I said before that I never played any of these songs on my list, but this one is an exception. We played this song in my high school jazz band and had a student from the choir sing the lyrics. I will never forget sitting in rehearsals and just listening to those beautiful words. The song talks about going from wanting material items for Christmas as a child to growing up and hoping for world peace and happiness. Overall, this is a gorgeous song that always warms my heart everytime I listen to it. 

3. “Man With The Bag” by Jessie J

Full disclosure: I actually like to listen to this song all year long even when it’s not the holiday season. It is just so jazzy and fun. The song has a big musical break that always makes me picture a big broadway tap number. Jessie J adds so much to this song with her raspy yet powerful vocals. As a trumpet player, I can never dismiss this song’s incredible horn parts that always seem to catch my ear. 

2. “This Christmas” by Christina Aguilera 

Okay, talk about a trumpet part – this song is full of them. I love driving to this song on my way home from school these days. It honestly gets me so excited for the holiday. I love how Aguilera adds some of her classic runs into this song and makes it her own. She completely masters the vocals in this song and totally owns it. 

Honorable Mention: “All I Want For Christmas” by LeAnn Rimes

Yes, you read that right, I am not talking about Mariah Carey’s song called “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” This song has always been one of my favorites; however, it is always overshadowed since it shares a similar name with arguably one of the most popular Christmas songs. But this song has a chill swing style beat and rich vocals. Don’t knock this song until you give it a listen. 

1. “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”  by Darlene Love

I absolutely love everything about this song. The lyrics talk about it not feeling like Christmas since her lover is not home. For a sad topic, it is such a fun song. There is a saxophone solo that adds some nice spice to this piece as well. I would say my favorite thing about this song is simply Love’s voice. It sounds so vintage. This song makes me so happy and completely screams Christmas to me.

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