Most Powerful Women of 2021 (So Far)

Women’s History Month may have already been celebrated, but there’s never been a bad time to celebrate the work of the iconic, inspiring women of 2021 so far! From making it big in music to becoming the first woman Vice President, these women are not only accomplishing their goals but are influential role models for the younger generation of powerful females.

Olivia Rodrigo 

A young woman, who started her career as an actress and recently decided to pursue her career in music, is causing a storm of obsession from millions, no billions of fans! Her song “Drivers License” became an immediate favorite. Soon after she released her debut album, “Sour”, which brought more commotion around the young pop star. She is living out her dreams, while also being a role model for young girls, especially those who are Asian American. Having not seen many representations of Filipina women growing up, Olivia Rodrigo is an empowering person to watch blossom. 

Leyna Bloom

To be your authentic self in this world has become increasingly challenging and Leyna Bloom is breaking down walls. When starting to pursue her dreams of turning dance into a career, Leyna was accepted into the Chicago Academy of Arts but was refused after they failed to see her gender as a woman. Moving to New York shortly after, Leyna became the first trans woman to be featured on Vogue India! She is the first transgender woman of color to be the lead in a festival film, which had premiered at Cannes. Leyna will also be the first trans, Black and Asian woman to be on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2021. Opening doors of opportunities for our upcoming generations of Transgender talent and inspiring them to chase after what they dream of. 

Greta Thunberg 

A 17-year-old, Swedish activist that has been pushing the limits and actively working on her worldwide movement for climate change. She has challenged our world leaders to take immediate actions to create change in our environment. While she was named Time’s Person of the Year back in 2019, Greta has continued to be a powerful female figure for our world. 

Kamala Harris

In January 2021, history was made when all of America witnessed the first female Vice President get sworn in. Kamala Harris is not only the first female Vice President but is also the first woman of color to hold a position in the office. Our Vice President has big plans for our future generations stating that she will not the be last woman to be sworn into her position. An amazing inspiration to all young girls and women! 

Amanda Gorman
Making history as the youngest inaugural poet at the 2021 President inauguration… introducing Amanda Gorman! A 22-year-old, national youth poet laureate, award-winning writer and Harvard graduate. She was given the task to write a poem and shared a message about racial injustice in America, through her poem “ The Hill We Climb.” Amanda is truly an inspiration for young women and writers.

Aren’t these women just amazing! We’ve only highlighted a few of our leading ladies, but there are many empowering and inspiring women that will be or already have made it big in 2021.

Surround yourself with powerful women and remember that no goal is too big or small!

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