Morrisons: Nutmeg Ultra Dry Pants Review

Morrisons: Nutmeg Ultra Dry Pants at a glance

Morrison’s soft and breathable Ultra Dry Pants are Quick Change Nappy Pants for wriggly babies with a special core and DoubleDRY* technology to keep baby dry. The nappy pant will protect against leaks for up to 12 hours and for added protection they have anti-leak leg cuffs. The 360° stretchy waist helps baby to move comfortably and the easy tearable sides ensure easy changing. Morrison’s pants are regularly tested against leading brands and have been dermatologically tested. Morrison’s pants come in sizes 4-6 *Up to 2 X drier when compared to our previous Nutmeg Pants.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier?  

Claire: I have found these nappies amazing, they have converted me to use ultra dry pants full time. I have a very fidgety toddler that likes to run as soon as she sees a nappy but using these it makes a nappy change so much easier and quicker. They have a neutral design so suitable for boys or girls and not too bold so doesn’t show through lighter clothing. The sizing is great and well labeled on the packaging and the price is very affordable. 

Corinne: This nappy has a lovely design that my little boy likes and likes to look at the animals on it whilst waiting for his nappy to be changed. With it being a pull up, it is ideal that it states ‘front’ to help with putting it on, especially for other family members who don’t change nappies regularly. Pull ups are much easier to use for my 18 month old who is a wriggler during changing time-he doesn’t need to lie down as long or as still. However the sides are not that easy to rip in a straight line/one rip which makes it tricky to get the nappy off.

Emily: As this is a pull on style it makes life easier to put on a wiggly toddler who hates to lie down. 


Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: I would mainly recommend these nappies based on price, there are a lot of comparable nappies offered by supermarkets which are their own brand. I feel these perform just as well as any others. I personally didn’t experience any issues with leakages, the nappies being wet to touch or increased nappy rash. They feel soft and look well designed. I would recommend this to others but personally wouldn’t buy this myself (only because we don’t shop at Morrisons and I wouldn’t make a specific journey just to stock up on these nappies). 

Laura: Unfortunately I would not recommend this specific brand of nappy pants as I found them to leak frequently both in the daytime and overnight. I can only compare to the MAMIA nappy pants range and also the pampers nappy pants as I have used these brands previously and I did not experience any leaks with these particular brands. I also noticed that the Nutmeg nappy pants do not have a sealable tag to seal the nappy pants up once they have been removed. I do not believe the quality of the nappy pants is great. They did not feel soft, they felt a little bit thin. They were not as absorbent as I was expecting and therefore I was disappointed with the product. 

Kirsten: I probably wouldn’t recommend this product. The fact that there was no way to seal it once it had been soiled meant that unless there was a bin very close by that it wasn’t very practical to use.


Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Sian: Other nappies we have tried hold the wee better overnight, this nappy was fuller in the morning than others. We also had a couple of issues where the nappy leaked out the sides. I think these nappies are good value but you can get other nappies that are reasonably priced that are better quality.

Claire: I would choose these to win as they are such great quality and budget friendly too, I am now using these full time, happy mum and toddler! I had not thought to use a pull up so soon as she is only 16 months. I thought she would be too small but these are just fab and will recommend to friends with babies of a similar age. The nappy is soft and gentle and does not fall down, unlike other brands that I have tried in the past. 

Corinne: This is an absorbent pull up nappy with a cute and child-friendly design on-my little boy loves making elephant noises to match the pictures! It is also great that it states ‘front’ on it as some other brands don’t, although this could be bigger and more obvious. Compared to other pull ups, the sides seem harder to rip, they don’t rip in one movement and often rip in different places, making it trickier to get them off. They are the same value for money as other brands though and so yes I do feel overall that they could and should win.


What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: Most definitely some form of security so the contents in the nappy don’t spill out once you take off. Either a strong mesh layer to tuck into or a sticky tab.

Laura: I would like for the product to be a thicker, better quality and more absorbent material that would last for longer in the daytime as well as overnight without leaking. My son sleeps for between 11 and 13 hours overnight and in our usual brand choices (MAMIA and Pampers) we do not experience any leaks. 

Louise: They are disposable nappies so hardly the most environmentally friendly, however given other products making improvements with packaging it would be nice to see these on the shelves in something other than plastic (although I appreciate this would probably affect the price). I always feel bad simply opening the nappies, putting them in a draw and then ditching the packaging straight in the bin.


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