Martin Lewis confesses to dreading upcoming operation – and fans rush to support him

Martin Lewis fans have rushed to support him and send him messages of well wishes after he announced he is having surgery. In a post to his followers on Twitter the financial guru admitted he was “dreading” the operation, which will involve having an implant drilled into the bone of his top front tooth.

Sharing his nervousness for the procedure, which will be taking place this evening, the 50-year-old wrote: “Slightly dreading this pm. Having implant drilled into the bone of my front top tooth. Was meant to happen 6mths ago but bone graft didn’t take well so had to wait. Its going be deep so not fun I’m signing off now, may bow out of media next week if face swells. Have a gud wkend.”

The post quickly became awash with comments from fans wishing him good luck and sending messages of the support, many admitting to having the surgery themselves.

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@ClaireNe1 tweeted: “Best of luck with the dentistry, Martin. I had root canal work done in 2020 and although I dreaded it, the consultant was very caring and gentle. I’m sure the implant will be fine. Take care x.”

@Jkbmedic replied: “Hope it goes well. Get well soon and thank you for everything you do to help those struggling – it’s appreciated x.” @ecar305 wrote: “I’m not a doctor but your fingers should still be fine,” while @Franniebigpants tweeted: “You’ll be fine. I was terrified but it was no trouble at all.”

@bilalhassam commented: “All the best – I bet the bill will be more eye-watering then the surgery. See a lot of Brits going to Turkey or elsewhere to get this sort of work done for a third of the price.”

@rambler808 posted: “You shouldn’t experience any pain – I didn’t! The sight of the drill was a bit off putting and then when the dentist said it wasn’t very sharp! Had it in about 15 years now. No problems and my dentist managed to bridge an adjoining new front teeth on to it years later.”

@SSearson added: “I had a tooth implant in upper row last December. I can honestly say it was less painful/ intrusive than a filling and I’m a proper wuss at the Dentist. More expensive though!”

@brightsider123 typed: “Martin, you’ll be surprised how simple and pain free it is. You’ll just feel some pressure. I’ve had patients be totally surprised when the implant has been fitted…because they feel so little. Tonight, let ice cubes gently melt in your mouth x.”


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