As you scroll tough TikTok’s addicting For You Page, I’m sure you’ve encountered a video about manifesting or spirituality. Some videos show you how to energize crystals, some read your “destined fate” through tarot cards, and others teach you how to script and visualize. Millions of people have incorporated these practices into their lives and have seen substantial results. However, I felt inclined to dive deeper than what TikTok popularly portrays about manifesting to understand how we are capable of attracting things into our lives, such as abundant love, money, and success.

I plunged into the depths of the internet, curious to discover new knowledge about this hot topic. As I jumped from websites to video channels to Reddit threads, I found a common theme amongst all the information I learned: manifestation is the natural byproduct of where we are in our mental and emotional state. This was an
eye-opener because it made me realize the importance of prioritizing ourselves and genuinely feeling good at our cores. It also brought to my awareness the importance of self-reliance and accountability when it comes to manifesting and getting what you want from life.

When we set goals for ourselves, we don’t even realize how our body and mind subconsciously create a version of ourselves capable of reaching that goal. Let’s say our goal is to increase our influx of money when we are currently in a “broke” situation. How would the wealthy version of ourselves act, talk, think, believe, and perceive money? We would not be worried about money, we would see ourselves as worthy of money, and we would believe that money is exponentially flowing into our account. Initially, these ideas seem ridiculous because our current circumstances don’t reflect that. However, if we want to attract this financial abundance to us, we have to become that version of us that can have immense amounts of money.

What does this mean? We have to look at our core beliefs about ourselves and how we see ourselves in relation to certain areas of our lives. In this case, we are looking at finances. We have to deliberately change our beliefs that “I am broke” or “I can’t get good jobs that pay well” or “money is hard to make.” The wealthy version of you would not be entertaining such beliefs because their foundational belief system would be one where money is free-flowing, abundant, and not anything to worry about. Once we change our beliefs and see ourselves as people who are worthy of abundant wealth and capable of making millions, we will naturally attract the right opportunities, connections, and experiences to us.

Our focus should not be on physically getting the money in our account, however contrary that might seem. Our primary focus should be on who we are becoming in the process. By clearing our minds of our deeply-rooted limiting beliefs and negative assumptions about ourselves, we open up doors of opportunity in every aspect of our lives. When we feel worthy of having good things in our life, good things come to us. We are no longer holding ourselves back with doubt, fear, and anxiety about getting what we want. We start feeling worthy of other things as well, such as healthy relationships, good career connections, luxurious homes; the list is endless. This is when we realize that we are actually capable of and responsible for having anything in our lives.

It is just our minds that have been limited programmed from a young age to convince us that we cannot have what we want. Some examples of this limited programming are beliefs that success is rare and only for the lucky, or that love is hard. If we continue to fall victim to these beliefs, that is exactly what our experience will be. Therefore, it is crucial that we step up for ourselves and become accountable for our own happiness. This means changing your belief system and changing how you see yourself. Once we become the change we seek to experience, we will get that positive change reflected back to us. That is the manifestational aspect of this mindset shift. When we are genuinely in a space where we feel worthy of getting what we want, it is inevitable for us to get our desires. When we are happy, happiness comes to us. When we embody love, love comes to us. When we radiate gratitude, we get more things to be grateful for. It’s a simple equation that only requires a mindset shift.

Going back to TikTok, people have made many videos about how the 5x5x5 method or moon water method has helped them manifest things into their life. However, these “methods” worked because the people believed that they would work. This naturally aligned their thoughts to the version of themselves that has their desires fulfilled. Yes, crystals and tarot readings can help people manifest things. However, these are all just ways to change your beliefs about yourself. Once you have good beliefs about yourself, you will naturally have good things in all parts of your life come to you. I believe that by making this about yourself, manifestations are more sustainable, feel more attainable, and feel more relaxing. In fact, you won’t even have to try to manifest something. By just feeling good and knowing you are worthy of getting anything you want, a simple awareness of a desire will bring that desire to you.

What started out as a simple scroll on TikTok is now an amazing realization that we can have anything we want in our life by just changing how we feel about ourselves.

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