Looking for Memorial Day deals on home decor? You’ve come to the right place.

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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of the summer, but for shoppers, it also signals something else: the sales. From mattresses to kitchenware to furniture, Memorial Day has no shortage of deals that are too good to pass up.

This sale is no different. It offers massive discounts on items that can make your life easier, but the deals only last until May 31, so you better start adding to your cart ASAP:

Under $50

Make your snoozes extra comfy by upgrading your sheets. This set is composed of cool-touch sheets with a proprietary blend of ultra-fine microfiber with moisture-absorbing CoolMax fabric, claiming to be softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton. It usually goes for $119, it’s on sale for $34.99.

White bed in modern bathroom

Credit: Kathy Ireland

This dimmer plug makes it easy to adjust the ambiance of your space. It gives you complete control over your lamp, and with the app, you can schedule your lights, set special scenes, or dim them down to 1 percent. Normally $32, you can grab it on sale for $26.99.

Black electric plug with remote and app screen

Credit: UGR Lighting

Built to enhance your cleaning experience, this easy-to-install bidet comes equipped with a comfort grip pressure control knob and dual nozzle cleansing options. It fits onto any toilet seat and its metal components make it durable and dependable. It’s originally $59, but you can get it for only $34.99.

White toilet with bidet attachment

Credit: BioBidet

Under $75

This lamp gives you ample illumination even when it’s resigned to the corners of the room. With the accompanying easy-to-use remote control, it makes it simple to shuffle through over 16 million colors and more than 300 multi-color effects to find your perfect lighting. Typically retailing for $149, it’s on sale for $59.99.

Black line lamp with orange and yellow light

Credit: Lamp Depot

With summer just around the corner, you have to brace yourself for the scorching heat. This personal air conditioner cools the area in front of the device approximately the size of a desk, couch, or bed, as well as features EvaBreeze® material to improve efficiency while remaining entirely eco-friendly and bio-safe. It’s formerly $99, but you can grab it on sale for $69.99.

White air conditioner unit

Credit: EvaChill

This portable fire pit runs on standard isopropyl rubbing alcohol and is smoke and mess-free, so there’s no ventilation or cleanup needed. Created out of high temperature-resistant concrete, it’s designed to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and lightweight enough to be brought anywhere. It’s usually $99, but you can get it for $74.99.

White hexagonal fire on table next to books

Credit: Lamp Depot

Under $100

Cook virtually any dish without the extra calories and guilt with this air fryer equipped with Rapid Air technology. With eight built-in cooking functions, it can fry, roast, toast, grill, bake, and even dehydrate. Usually retailing for $99.99, it’s on sale for $89.99.

Silver cylindrical air fryer

Credit: GoWise

Put together your favorite meals effortlessly with this digital pressure cooker with three different pressure settings and 14 different functions. Whether you want to stew, steam, bake, or slow-cook, you can do it all with a simple push of a button. Typically $199, you can grab it on sale for only $89.99.

Brown rice cooker

Credit: Aroma Housewares

Under $200

Enjoy a game of golf wherever you are with this simulator that comes with a state-of-the-art sensor and swing. Thanks to the accompanying WGT Golf app, you can play on breathtaking photorealistic simulations of world-famous golf courses. Its usual retail price is $249, but until May 31, you can bring the price down to $179.

Person swinging golf club facing TV with simulation of green showing

Credit: PhiGolf

Have an extra set of eyes at home with this camera kit that packs two cameras with SkyLine technology. This feature penetrates through walls, has over a 5,400-square foot range, and is built to last up to 12 months on a single charge. It also records footage in 1080p HD resolution and lets you talk to visitors via a 2-way audio feature. Formerly $249, you can get it for only $199.

Two round cameras on stand in front of triangular gateway

Credit: Scenestek

Under $500

This bundle lets you host a movie night anytime, anywhere with its portable projector and screen. The Wemax Go is an ultra-portable projector with ALPD® Laser Technology that fits in your pocket, while the screen features a 7-layer optics precision structure for vivid and uniform brightness image projection. Normally retailing for $798, the bundle is on sale for $499.99.

Person skiing out of screen with projector in front

Credit: Wemax

Under $1500

Designed to offer a comfier, deeper sleep, this mattress has a 2-stage core and surface cooling tech to help you sleep like a baby all night, every night. It’s cool to the touch, and with the memory foam quilted to a luxurious cover, it offers that “GhostHug” feeling. Normally $2245, you can grab it on sale for $1199.99.

White mattress on grey bed between lamps

Credit: NaturesSleep

Prices subject to change.

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