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Responses by Isabel Fernández, UX project lead; and Marta Monforte, project director, Plastic.

Background: At Plastic, we get a kick from and instantly click with companies that advance the improvement of society and the planet. Our social commitment and willingness to support the industries that work to preserve our planet’s future is what made us jump on board to design and develop a website for Lobelia, a firm dedicated to providing and analyzing climate-change datasets for its clients. Many companies claim to care for people and the environment, but Lobelia walks the walk. Its top team of scientists and technicians quantify climate risks to mitigate the effects of climate change through a more resilient society.

Design core: We had in mind a site that would show scientific and technological advances while transmitting human values and closeness. We wanted an animation style that conveyed both these advances and reflected Lobelia’s great scientific potential. Elements such as infographics and data visualizations helped us with this task. We also opted for typography and images that would reveal Lobelia’s human side to convey that side of the brand. In the end, the site is about bringing science closer to humanity.

Process: To focus on the company’s authentic and differential work approach, we created a straightforward narrative that communicates Lobelia’s intangible values, exudes innovation and speaks of the projects it carries out, helping the site cut through all the noise and position the firm as a cutting-edge company that truly cares.

Challenges: The challenge was to build a simply structured website that was easy to follow and understand, one that would convey to users from varied backgrounds—who may not be accustomed to scientific jargon—the products and services Lobelia offers.

Technology: CSS and Nuxt (Vue.js). For the back end, we integrated Lobelia’s REST API.

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