KKR 112/4 (14.4 ov, Andre Russell 12*, Nitish Rana 16*, Sam Curran 0/31) – Live – Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders, Indian Premier League 2021 2021, 38th Match Match Live Score, Summary

Curran to Russell, no run, angled across, and wide of off. Russell has to reach out for that, but only gets an under-edge through to Dhoni

Russell is seemingly warming his shoulders up. Here comes the boom?

Just a quick reminder of some of the stunning numbers from the ODI at Mackay earlier today

“Why is moeen not bowling? I made him my fantasy captain reading pitch report.. Need 2 wickets from him.. ” — The downside of CSK going in with as many bowling options as they always do, Ashish!

“As a CSK fan, I would gladly take a KKR win today. That’ll reduce chances of MI going to playoffs. In turn improving CSK’s chance of taking the trophy!” — I have a feeling Rajesh is into mutual funds investments

Time for the time-out

Hazlewood to Russell, 1 run, angles in towards his pads, and he has worked this away towards deep backward square

All Hail the Lo: “Is it just me or did Shardul Thakur just complete his hattrick with a wicket on his first ball today?” — You can’t pick up a hat-trick across two different matches, for all those asking

Hazlewood to Russell, 1 run, makes some room and shovels this towards deep midwicket. Hazlewood followed him just a touch to ensure he is cramped for room

Celine: “From 50/1 in 5 overs, I expected a score of 200 to end this. The projected score, however, shows 160. Ah, yes, this is IPL.” — It was always going to be difficult to maintain that tempo once the field spread, and spinners came on

Hazlewood to Rana, 1 leg bye, back of a length, around leg and middle. Rana wants to work this away through the onside, but misses. They sneak a leg bye towards point

Anand: “Hving seen 12 overs what do u reckon a par score is on this pitch, @Debayan ?” — I’d say about 165 would be competitive. Our forecaster, which had them going upto 182 at one stage, is currently at 159.

Jadeja to Russell, 1 run, length, and he looks to smash this across the line. Just off the lower portion of the bat, going towards deep midwicket

Aryan: “@debayansen Has the pitch slowed down?” — I think it is more about the ball having softened up

Jadeja to Russell, 1 run, fullish, around off, and driven towards sweeper cover

Let’s see if Andre Russell has something to say about that…Dhoni has a slip in place

Sathya: “Welcome KKR to Chennai’s legendary middle over choke. “

Jadeja to Tripathi, OUT, speared in quickly, and Tripathi seems to have pre-meditated a reverse sweep. More of a swipe in the end, as he realises the ball is far too full for that shot. Ends up very late on that, as it crashes into the base of off-stump. Just reward for what has been a spell of very clever bowling from Jadeja

RA Tripathi b Jadeja 45 (33b 4×4 1×6) SR: 136.36

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