kazakhstan: Terrorists planned to capture entire Kazakhstan: President Tokayev


Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has claimed that the terrorists had planned to attack the country’s capital Nur sultan and if Almaty fell to the militants first Southern Kazakhstan and then whole part of the country would have been under their control.

Addressing the CSTO summit on Monday President Tokayev said, “All the events since the beginning of this year are linked, they fall under a single destructive plan, the preparation of which went on for a long time. The organisers used the discontent of the population due to the rise in gas prices as a pretext.”

Preparations for the events that took place in early January have been ongoing for a long time, Tokayev said, adding, “The attacks simultaneously covered 11 regions, but the main hit fell on Almaty. If the city fell to the perpetrators, it would have led to the capture of the entire south of Kazakhstan, and then the whole country.”

The militants planned to attack the capital of Kazakhstan. Almaty and the nine regions of the country were in the hands of criminals, Tokayev pointed out.

“We saw a gathering of militants around the presidential residence, it was a terrorist war against Kazakhstan,” the President said and at the same time made it clear, “We will fully defend the rights of Kazakhstan’s citizens to peacefully express their will.”

There are 2,030 peacekeepers and 250 equipment form part of the CSTO peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan. The peacekeepers made 180 flights to Kazakhstan. The large-scale counter-terrorist operation will be completed in the near future.

About 8,000 people have been arrested by the police, 116 weapons have been seized. What took place will be remembered as the “Almaty tragedy”, Tokayev emphasised.

Foreign Militants From Afghanistan, Mideast Countries Took Part in Kazakhstan Riots, according to Tokayev. ET was the first to report that members of Pakistani Tablighi Jamaat (the banned group has been trying to spread network in Central Asia and Russia) in collaboration with well trained radicals from Afghanistan have fuelled terrorism and riots in Kazakhstan. Role of Turkish rebels and their connections with Af-Pak rebels have also come under scanner.


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