Joie Every Stage FX Review

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Designed to grow with baby from birth to 12 years old, the Every group child seat starts out as a rearward-facing seat from birth to 18kg, before converting into a forward-facing seat from 9-36kg. The seat comes with built-in ISOFIX installation when forward-facing for group one (9-18kg), as well as ISOSAFE connection to keep the seat securely in place when in group 2/3 (15-36kg) booster mode. The AutoAdjust™ side wings and Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness enables easy adjustment of the seat as your child grows, with no rethreading of harnesses required.

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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier? 

Jane: It’s great to have a car seat that goes right the way through from newborn to a much older child as usually, you end up with the infant carrier and then moving onto a rearward-facing and then moving on again to a forward faced chair, which just isn’t cost-effective, or eco friendly. I love this idea.

Adelle: I am really impressed with this product so far. We have another Joie car seat and they have always seemed to perform well. Easy to clean and look comfy. The seat was easy to install with an Isofix base and sits nicely on the backseat without movement. It is great if it does last until they are a lot older but difficult to know just yet.

Amanda: Trying to understand what car seat you need for your baby is really difficult. It seems as though there are a million different types and trying to understand the differences between each and how long you can use them as your child grows is really confusing. The Jolie Every Stage FX takes away all of this confusion by providing you with one seat that can be used until your child is 4.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Hannah: Yes I would definitely recommend this to a friend/fellow mum, it’s very easy to set up and has lots of padding to keep baby nice and secure on car journeys. It is also high quality, much like other Joie products, and looks nice in the car, which is important for me so that it doesn’t feel like the baby is taking over!

Elizabeth: I trust Joie as a brand, knowing that their products are quality items that will last. It is also lighter than my current car seat which makes it easier to move between vehicles. It is also combative with a wide range of makes and model vehicles so would be well suited for households with multiple cars.

Libbie: I’d recommend this seat to other mums because of the capability of covering all required seats, and saving a lot of money on having different stage seats. However, I would also have to make other mums aware that it wasn’t easy to switch modes, and I did have a lot of uncertainty about if I’d correctly switched the modes and if the seat would now be safe.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Carina: I would not pick this car seat above other products due to the fact I prefer a 360 spin seat as I like the easy access when my child is kicking and screaming about getting in the car. I would however recommend this product to other mums who don’t care about the 360 spin for it’s an amazing product to have.

Lauren: I probably wouldn’t choose this product above others out on the market, purely because it doesn’t spin. I currently have a Joie 360 and find it absolutely amazing! It’s so easy to turn it around to get my daughter in safely and without hurting my back! However, it would be up there with it because of the company.

What changes would you make to this product?  

Katie: If I could change something about this car seat it would be to have very clear, simple instructions for installation and changing between modes, with photographs showing each stage. The seat has amazing potential and could be fantastic for mums if you could get one seat from birth that lasted all the way up until the child didn’t need a seat in the car at all anymore.

Hannah: The one thing that I would change would be having ISOFIX for rearward facing rather than having to use a seatbelt when rear-facing. However, I would most likely use a removable car seat for when the baby is firstborn and therefore would primarily look to use this car seat for a slightly older child that can be forward-facing.

Elizabeth: I would take away or alter the Isofix option on the seat so it can be used rear-facing for longer to maximise my child’s safety whilst travelling. Also in addition to this, I believe the change would also then discourage others from turning their children, or in the case of my own child, forward-facing earlier because of the convenience the Isofix option provides them.

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