It’s Time to Talk About Berries and Cream

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Berries and cream – a lovely student dessert. It’s an easy snack to whip up while studying – no wonder why TikTok won’t stop talking about it! 

All jokes aside, you can’t escape berries and cream TikTok. It seems that every second video one sees is yet another remix of berries and cream. Is there a backstory to this lad? How are they doing? Here, we will be looking at the history of this infamous advertisement, and where the iconic berries and cream lad is now. 

We have to go back to the late 2000s, where our story is set. Starburst releases a berries and cream flavour of their iconic rectangular sweet, and they need an advertisement campaign to promote the new product. In 2007, the iconic advertisement was released, and the rest is history. The advertisement had moderate success upon its release, with remixes that perfectly capture the era of late 2000s Youtube culture. Berries and cream fell out of the public eye for the next decade or so, with a resurgence on TikTok due to Justin McElroy posting the sound on his TikTok. While McElroy posted his video in January 2021, it took off in late August, where it shot into the for you page of users everywhere. 

You may be wondering who played the little lad? The actor in question is Jack Ferver, a New York based choreographer, writer, and director who is currently teaching theatre performance as well as vocal arts (of course) at Bard College. They look to be having a great time as a professor, and I’ll be looking forward to their other projects in the future!

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