It’s so hard to say goodbye…

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In 2021, Issa Rae’s hit show Insecure ended leaving viewers enlightened, but also in sadness because it is over. With this being said, this article will be free from spoilers! The show dives into the character, Issa, as she and her friends become secure in their lifestyles throughout five seasons. This show taught me and other young viewers many life lessons.

One message that I gathered from the end of the show stems from when one of the characters of the show, Tiffany, told her friends, ”when it comes to making decisions in life the choice does not have to make sense to anyone but that specific person.” I think this is important to highlight in life because a person can be confident by securing their own choices.

Everyone is living life for themselves and each decision that is made for a person should serve their purpose in their lives and no one else. With just that one life lesson, the show speaks volumes to people of this generation. It is important to listen and be advised by other people but always knows what is best for yourself.

Another life lesson that was brought up in the last season was when another character, Molly, stated ”when making decisions no matter the outcome it was best for you so do not stress out about it.” I think this is really important to note as well because a lot of time I know myself and other people worry about which decision to make in life because you may not know the outcome. Whatever outcome occurs, the person will still have a positive ending because that person’s life was supposed to go in that direction.

Another statement Issa stated was ”I am not sure how this connection will go but I’m willing to find out.” I think that speaks to if relationships and friendships are worth taking the risk to see if they will have a positive outcome. In relationships, people have different viewpoints, characteristics, and different backgrounds.

In any relationship, I think communication, respect, and honesty are so important. Without these traits and much more, the relationship will not work and not last. This is why I think it is important to ask oneself if it is worth the relationship because neither person in the relationship should be wasting time on each other as life is too short.

I feel that this show is a coming-of-age story that truly shows that even in young adulthood, a person may still have things to figure out and that is perfectly fine because life is not a race but a journey to a destination.

This show really gave confirmation that adulthood could be hard but with the help and support of family and friends, it can be tolerable. Issa Rae also did a wonderful job with the cast, wardrobe, and even the setting of the show. I cannot wait to see her upcoming projects as this one was a hit!

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