Huge hack hits game’s most valuable inventory

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s biggest item collector has reportedly had his account hacked, and could stand to lose an inventory that is worth over $2 million (£1.6m), per Gamesradar.

Content creator OhnePixel said on Twitter that “$2m+ in CS:GO skins have been hacked and stolen (some items getting moved/sold as we speak). This is the most expensive inventory of all-time, containing the most legendary items in CS:GO history.”

The inventory is said to include seven Souvenir AWP Dragon Lores, along with the no-star Karambit, which is an entirely unique item that is only present because of a glitch within the game.

The inventory is said to belong to a player by the name of HFB, who is legendary in CS:GO.

As per the aforementioned report, the player’s actual identity is now known but there is a rumour suggesting he is a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family.

The story goes deeper in the sense that it has also been claimed online, by an account named buff163, that a number of items sold from the hacked account have disappeared from their new owners’ inventories. This would suggest that Valve are intervening directly to stop the hacked items being sold off.

ZipelCS on Twitter has claimed that support for CS:GO are reverting some of the trades.

It is unclear how this hack occurred or if HFB will receive their items back but they will need to find a way to stop this from happening again, especially to a player who has managed to horde such a valuable collection of items.

Players have suggested it could have been an exploit within Steam but that has yet to be independently verified and Valve have yet to issue a formal update on how they are combatting the hackers.

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