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You can get a fresh set of Naruto cosmetics in Fortnite by completing the Nindo challenges for Itachi, Hinata, Gaara, and Orochimaru.

The new Naruto collaboration has added a lot of fresh cosmetic items as well as missions for you to complete to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. This game also offers a ton of entertaining crossover content.

By completing these Nindo challenges, you’ll be able to get free new Naruto cosmetics. We will go over each Nindo challenge you must complete and the rewards you can obtain.

Here’s how you can complete the Nindo challenges and earn rewards in the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration.

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How to complete the Fortnite x Naruto Nindo challenges

Until Thursday 7th July 2022, Nindo challenges will be accessible in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. To keep track of your progress, check in with your Epic Games account on the Fortnite website.

The characters Itachi, Hinata, Gaara, and Orochimaru take distinct routes. You must accomplish activities like catching fish, scoring eliminations, and surviving storm circles to unlock these.

Character paths and rewards:

  • For Itachi’s path, you need to finish in the top six, five times, and you will receive a Shocked Itachi Emoticon
  • For Gaara, you need to survive 24 storm circles and your reward will be a Focused Gaara Emoticon
  • For Hinta, catch 20 fish and get a Byakungan Hinata Emoticon as a reward
  • For Orochhimaru, get a total of 18 eliminations and you will be rewarded with Orochimaru’s Smiley Emoticon
Fortnite x Naruto
Image from Wallpaper Cave

You will receive the Akatsuki Weapon Wrap and 20,000 XP for completing any character’s course. To earn a total of 80,000 XP and the free Manda glider, you can finish all four paths.

The Fortnite website will track the in-game points you gain by finishing these challenges and then send the rewards straight to your Epic Games account after you’ve checked in with it.

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