How Joining HCCU Can Be a Real Resume Booster

So you’re thinking about joining HCCU, huh? You are in luck, as our Spring ‘22 application is currently open and doesn’t close until January 16. Her Campus CU Boulder is an elite-level (read: top 15) chapter under Her Campus Media, an international publication for collegiate women with over 350 chapters. 

Besides the obvious fun parts of joining HCCU (making friends, writing about whatever you want, events, freebies, adorable merch, bragging rights), what will it do for you professionally? After all, we are all in college and looking to make ourselves the best candidate possible for future jobs. 

Being A published writer

Being a published writer and having an online portfolio to link on your resume, LinkedIn, or email signature is such a game changer. Regardless of what field you work in, writing skills are always important.

For some examples, any business field will have you doing write-ups, reviews, explanations, emails, and more. Any science field will require you to write concise and accurate observations, proposals, explanations, and grant applications. Any political field will require you to write proposals, formal emails, letters, and more. You get the idea.

Even if writing somehow is not a part of your future career at all, which I doubt, being a consistent, published writer also shows you can work on a deadline, be creative, choose your words well, and be a valued member of an organization. 

Having an executive position

Her Campus CU Boulder is not just about writing. We have many (currently 15) executive members, all of which are applicable to future careers. We have a social media team, editorial team, and events and management team.

I am a part of the latter and I have gained so many skills and so much valuable experience throughout my first semester so far working my position. I now have something professional to add to my resume so it’s not all just my high school jobs.

These positions mimic a real magazine’s organizational structure, and honestly many corporate structures of power, so it gives you really good knowledge for your first job or internship. 

Consistent volunteer opportunities

Volunteering here and there is a bit hard to add to a resume, but our most recent addition to HCCU events has been volunteering opportunities. So far we have had one volunteering day where about 15 members came to help out a local organization.

This was at the end of last semester and we already have additional volunteering days lined up. This consistent volunteering is really amazing for the local community and a good boost to your resume. 

Professional workshops

Adding to the idea that HCCU is not just about writing, we also have many professional workshopping opportunities. Last semester we had a resume workshop, many writing workshops (duh!), a LinkedIn workshop, and many opportunities to talk to girls with internship experience about how to add that extra oomph to cover letters, personal anecdotes, and resumes. 

internship access

This is one that I didn’t know about when joining HCCU and also the one that has impacted me the most! Her Campus Media offers a range of internships. While these are available to anyone, they do have a strong preference for members of one of their chapters.

I am currently a chapter community management intern and this internship has been so amazing. I started in October 2021 and am continuing for the Spring semester. Not only is any internship amazing, but an internship with an organization that you actually like and is so amazing to work with is much better!

Joining sister programs

In the same vein as the last one, there are many other non-internship opportunities within the Her Campus community. I am personally a part of College Fashionista and Campus Trendsetters. College Fashionista offers both a writing program and an influencer-type program. Campus Trendsetters also is an influencer-type program.

These programs are based on individual brand campaigns. Once in the program, you get emails about available campaigns and can choose which ones to apply to. If chosen, you are usually sent a product or a range of products to try, post about and review. Spoon University offers a writing program as well, and Generation Hired is a platform for professional connections, resume building and more!

Now that you’re fully convinced, fill out the application here! I can’t wait to look over your application and see you very soon.

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