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The brainchild of Amman, Jordan–based designer Tawfiq Dawi, design firm and type foundry Hey Porter initially began in 2017 as a daily poster project. “I challenged myself to commit to 1,000 days with 1,000 projects, going to bed at 5 a.m. for around three years until I completed every one,” he says. “By the night I created No. 095/1000 [the 95th poster in the series], I had fallen in love with making experimental letters and wordmarks. After that, making fonts and typefaces came naturally to me and [formed] a big part of my art practice.” Dawi cultivates a familiarity with the avant-garde, describing his typefaces as “big, fat, totally experimental and out of context.” When he works, he doesn’t believe he’s making “functional or ‘successful’ typefaces,” as he says. “I love the contemporary treatment of typography with total artistic freedom that breaks the classic calligraphic rules.” This has not precluded Dawi’s work being  used by major clients, such as Apple Music, the Criterion Collection and TEDx. Among his influences, he counts Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometric patterns alongside anime, comics, music, magazines, pop culture and vintage film posters, an eclectic list of media that motivates him to explore different visual realms. “I believe in experimenting and practicing, and I hope I don’t stick in [one] typographic comfort zone for long—or any other zones,” Dawi says. “I want to be more and to learn more.”

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