Gift Idea: Corrie Shapeshifter Wallet


Yes. This wallet is A Lot of Look. But I think everyone among us knows someone who will absolutely love this wallet, even if it isn’t yourself.

For my $.02, I’m always a fan of a colorful wallet, sticking out in the depths of a dark bag and bringing a bit of levity to whatever boring errand I’m bringing the wallet out for. This one is particularly, um, colorful (the Nordstrom page even describes it as having “a cacophony of vivid animal prints and a golden wash”) — but people seem to love the print as well as the functionality of the wallet itself.

(If you like the functionality but not the print, Dillards and Brahmin have a few other color options, including a nice vivid purple and a dusky blue. On the other hand, if you love the print but want a bag instead of a wallet, Nordstrom has a number of different shapes and sizes!)

The wallet is $195 at Nordstrom and will arrive before Christmas.

(Psst: I just did a mini-hunt for wallets in a variety of prices…)

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