Five Potential 2022 Fashion Trends

2021 fashion trends were filled with Y2K outfits, leather pants, platform heels, and many more. But will these trends last through the new year? Here are some trends I think will dominate the 2022 fashion world:

  1. Catsuits

The seventies are easily making a comeback, especially with flared bell-bottoms and Rockstar looks.

2. Oversized Sunglasses

 Following the 70’s trend, the oversized sunglasses not only channel your inner Tony Stark, but pair perfectly with catsuits!

3. Oversized Scarves

For the winter, oversized scarves have made their comeback as a chic accessory for outfits this season. 

4. Miniskirts and Low-rise jeans

They’ve practically made their come back this year with the Y2K inspo.

5. Corset Tops

After the rave corset tops received after the show Bridgerton, this trend is sure to carry on to the new year, especially with the launch of the new season vastly approaching!

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