Five Fashion Favorites — Pandemic Edition

While I’m all for dressing chic and often do keep an eye out for trending colors, prints and pieces of clothing — let’s get real — the pandemic got all of us loving and living in our sweats, and you’re lying if you say otherwise! As happy as I am to jump into some sense of normalcy, I truly miss the era of Zooming when it was socially acceptable to attend meetings and classes in your jammies from bed. So, here are my current fashion favorites — a collection inspired by my year and a half of staying at home.

Graphic sweatshirts

Although I find it hard to imagine now, I was never really a sweatshirt kind of girl — a well-fitted sweater is as far as I’d go! It just seemed slouchy and shabby to me for some reason. Fast-forward to two years later— thank god for street-style and athleisure because my closet has an entire drawer dedicated to graphic sweatshirts that scream comfort and look pretty cool, too!

Sub_Urban Riot
Oversized Graphic Tees

Much like my obsession with graphic sweatshirts, I’ve grown to appreciate oversized graphic t-shirts and how versatile they really are. You can wear them down with a pair of leggings or tie them up with a pair of distressed denims and a few dainty chains and rings. It’s definitely my go-to when I want to look put together without trying!

Girl in a white tshirt that says "Sunshine Bracelets Co." (her brand).
Photo by Katie Antonissen
Mom jeans

Is it just me, or are skinny jeans just not the move anymore? Even before the pandemic hit, I would prefer straight-fit bottoms that don’t hug every inch of skin on my body. But after over a year of wearing sweatpants every day, mom jeans seemed like the perfect combination of being comfortable and looking presentable and girl, I could not be any more correct! If you (like me) are struggling to love your jeans again, get yourself a pair of mom jeans— just like your mom, they’re always right! 

Oversized denim jackets

Can you tell the oversized-everything is my new vibe? But seriously, a good oversized denim jacket in an unusual color can make a plain T and a pair of pants look trendy. I have a pastel green one that makes any outfit look like the perfect transition from summer to fall. 

The Lalagirl In Jean Jacket In Front Of Mural
Her Campus Media
Chunky Sneakers

Now that we’re finally getting out often to soak in the people, the vibrant energy, and the sun (while it lasts), I have to say, a comfortable pair of sneakers is an absolute must-have. Rather than wearing simple white ones, try finding some with a pop of color on them, much like my favorite pair from Adidas.

Comfort, but make it fashion — am I right ladies? I hope these staples help you with some outfit ideas if you, like me, are lazy but want to look cute!

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