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Erwan Le Corre: MovNat, the Dangers of Inefficient Practice, and Wisdom from Bruce Lee

Erwan Le Corre on The Fat-Burning Man Show

Today’s show is with a highly-requested guest, Mr. Erwan Le Corre. Erwan is the founder of MovNat, the physical education and fitness system that’s taking the Paleo world by storm. This is a deep show. Plenty of nuggets of wisdom for you truth seekers out there. (As a bonus, Erwan has the coolest accent ever.)

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On today’s show we chat about:

  • How practicing inefficiently makes you worse
  • How you can dodge cultural disempowerment
  • The real reason Abel started Fat-Burning Man (hint: it’s not fat loss)
  • Why Bruce Lee says a punch is not a punch
  • And tons more…

Here’s the show:

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