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Dr. William Pawluk: Beat Electronic Pollution, The Power Of Electromagnetic Healing, & How to Rebalance Your Brain

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Dr. Bill Pawluk is definitely NOT one of those “overnight experts.”  Far from it.  He’s got 25 years of experience in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis and bodywork.   In this week’s episode, he talks about how the electric vibrations all around us affect our bodies and brains…and how we can use electromagnetic therapy for healing.

You may have seen Dr. Pawluk on the Dr. Oz show, or perhaps heard him on the radio.  He’s an international expert in the use of electromagnetic fields for health and healing and a board certified family physician practicing holistic medicine in Baltimore.

Bill and I have crossed paths several times over the last couple of years, but I’m super excited to actually have him sharing his wealth of knowledge about electromagnetism with us on the Fat-Burning Man Show.  I think you’re really going to dig it.

We touch on a lot of great topics, including:

  • Harnessing electricity for healing the body and mind.
  • Why doctors rarely talk about health.
  • How personal electromagnetic field systems balance your brain.
  • Why nerds make the best doctors.
  • Improving athletic performance with electromagnetic field therapy.
  • How electromagnetism reduces inflammation.

If you’ve ever felt drained after spending a ton of time on your computer… and then rejuvenated when you lay on the grass in your yard or dig your feet into the sand at the beach, you’re experiencing the incredible effects of electromagnetism.  It’s really incredible.



What is the concept of electricity as it relates to the human body?   Electricity is something we use all the time in our day-to-day lives—to power our lights and gadgets, to operate our cars and cook our meals.  But how it works within our own bodies is often a mystery.  Here’s the basic outline:

Your tissues are made of molecules—the building block of chemistry.

Every atom within every molecule is an electromagnet—this is physics.   The laws of physics govern everything, including the atoms that comprise the molecules which comprise the tissues of your body.

By manipulating those atomic electromagnets, you can manipulate your body into wellness.

The practice of electromagnetic therapy has been around for a long time, but people are just now “getting it” in the mainstream population.  We are realizing that health is not about the practice of medicine or going to a doctor.

Doctors rarely give advice about health.  The model of “disease and cure” is so ingrained in the western medical practice that rarely does a doctor even know a chiropractor or an acupuncturist, let alone an herbalist or energy healer.  They’re in the business of eradicating disease after it happens.

The electromagnetic pulses in the body control the body’s chemistry.  If your body were compared to a construction site, you’d have the bricks and mortar, the workers, and the tools.  Electromagnetic fields are the power source for the tools!

Electromagnetic charges wake up your cells.  You perform better and have more energy.  As we age, we need more energy to perform the same tasks, so recharges become even more important.

Abel:  I’m a really light sleeper.  I used to wake up at bizarre times through the night, and sleep is so important and necessary.  I tried herbs, drugs, and intervention.  Nothing worked.  Then I realized that there was electricity all around me.  I got into grounding, and then Earth Pulse.  It hacks the electromagnetic field to induce sleep—and it worked!

Pulse magnetic fields cause resonant effects in the body.  For example, when you hit a glass of water with a fork, you can see the waves in the water.  Or when you sit too close to a loud speaker, you can feel your body vibrate.

The Earth Solar Pulse sends a vibration at a specific frequency into the brain and body to slow the mind down.  When you are anxious or hyperalert, your brain is vibrating at a very high frequency—even up to 50 Hz.  If you’re hitting the pillow at 40 Hz, you’re not going to be able to fall asleep very easily.  You need to slow down to about 13 Hz or lower.

Placing a magnetic system under your pillow lowers your brain frequency so that you can fall asleep easier.  With some of the systems I’ve tested, my frequency is reset so low that I fall asleep while reading.

These systems are great for people who aren’t ready to meditate.   It’s like instant meditation!

A room full of grandfather clocks with their pendulums all swinging at different intervals will eventually shift so that they’re all swinging in unison.  Our brain cells are electrical, and like the grandfather clock pendulums, will begin to resonate to the vibrations around them.  The magnetic systems harness that tendency to help us reach the frequencies we desire for the intended outcome.

The Schumann Resonance is an electromagnetic wave that exists between the Earth’s crust and the edge of the ionosphere- about 55km up.  It’s not there all the time, but has to be excited by something like lightening.  If there is a storm in Sri Lanka, it’s going to affect your brain (in the U.S.) in a few seconds because those wavelengths are so long.  *The earth’s Schuman Resonance is generally steady at around 8 Hz.

Your cell phones, computers, wifi, television and other gadgets put out their own pulse magnetic field.  These frequencies can work to “charge you up.”  Such frequencies as classical guitar or mellow music work to bring your frequency back down.

The Harmony USB is geared to the Schumann Resonance.  You simply plug the USB into your computer and it stimulates you at 7.83 cps.  When your brain is set to this frequency, you experience enhanced performance and relaxation.  It works to harmonize you against all of the external electromagnetic stimulation that’s been jangling your nerves.

PMF works on your body is basic ways- it transcends disease.  Electromagnetic therapy is the complete opposite of modern medicine’s “1,000 treatments for 1,000 diseases” approach.  This therapy will drop the inflammation in your tissues down without using drugs.

Doctors have to be re-educated, and that’s challenging.  Currently, medical instruction and protocols are managed by the institutions with money- Drug companies, research institutions, colleges.

In order to be a good doctor, you have to be a nerd.  You have to reach outside the house of medicine, you have to read and study and really be interested in learning about all of the alternatives.


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