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Dr. Tara Scott: How To Build Resilience In A Pressure Cooker Society

How can we build resilience in a pressure cooker society?

And equally important, when we’re faced with disaster and uncertainty, how can we be better prepared for what’s coming next?

Even in the best of circumstances, the curveballs in life catch up with you.

In my own personal case, some of you may remember that I lost everything in an apartment fire a little more than a decade ago, and then more recently fought back from almost dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. And I can tell you from experience that the way you get through this tough stuff in life is by focusing on your internal world, focusing on your small daily habits that add up to health and vitality and well-being over time.

That’s the only way I’ve got through this stuff, and I know a lot of you out there have done the same. So today we’re going to be focusing on those little non-negotiable habits that you can set up to make sure that you’re improving no matter the state of the world around you, which is debatable right now.

So I’m happy to say that joining me on the show today is Dr. Tara Scott, a functional and integrative medicine doctor and hormone specialist with over 25 years of experience and 3 board certifications in OB/GYN.

After suffering from infertility and curing her own endometriosis, Dr. Scott now helps others achieve that same balance.

Onto the show. I hope you enjoy. We’re talking about…

  • How to build resilience in a pressure cooker society
  • Tips on identifying and addressing underlying hormone imbalances and fertility issues
  • How health and eating choices are actually survival strategies
  • Fueling for long runs
  • The importance of non-negotiable daily habits
  • And tons more…

Let’s go hang out with Dr. Tara Scott.

Where To Find Dr. Tara Scott

To find helpful information about female hormone health and more, be sure to check out Dr. Tara Scott’s website

And if you need some extra support and motivation, Dr. Scott also has online Bootcamps, Courses and Workshops to get you going.

You can also learn more, get private one-on-one mentoring, and get in touch with Dr. Tara Scott on her website over at

Dr. Tara Scott: How To Build Resilience In A Pressure Cooker Society

Follow and be friends with Dr. Scott on social media, you can find her @revitalizemed on Instagram, on Facebook, YouTube, as well as on TikTok.

And one more time, be sure to checkout and for more helpful information.

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Dr. Tara Scott: How To Build Resilience In A Pressure Cooker Society

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Dr. Tara Scott: How To Build Resilience In A Pressure Cooker Society

Thanks for listening, and be sure to drop a comment below to let us know what you thought of this interview with the wonderful Dr. Tara Scott. 

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