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Responses by Keigo Komai, director, Studio Details.

Background: This site is the corporate website of DATAGRID Inc., Japan’s leading company in AI-based synthetic data generation. This site aims to introduce visitors to synthetic media and synthetic data, concepts that are still unfamiliar in Japan, and to promote the uniqueness of DATAGRID. The corporate site mainly targets other companies considering creating new businesses utilizing AI-based synthetic data generation.

Design core: We visualized DATAGRID’s core mission—to enable a society where everyone can easily create high-quality content data and AI-trained data. The key visual features a motif of horizontal bars that extend and contract from left to right, reminiscent of the company’s core asset: the AI module. The shifting images of space, cities, people and cells in the background express the company’s creativity in all areas from macro to micro.

Challenges: Translating the concept of synthetic data into easy-to-understand language and visualizing it.

Time constraints: With the client’s full cooperation, we were able to prioritize quality over schedule in this project. There were no significant time constraints.

Divergent paths: Because we redefined the corporate mission of DATAGRID during the project, we would have liked to structure the mission page with more visually appealing content instead of text.

New lessons: The importance of having both the client and the creative team working toward the same goal in a project, which has a positive impact on the output.

Technology: CSS3, GSAP, highway.js, PixiJS and WebGL. The entire site needed to use WebGL. To achieve this, we tried to reduce the rendering cost as much as possible to achieve smooth movement. Also, there is a limit to the number of WebGL context objects a site can manage, and if the limit is exceeded, the WebGL contexts disappear. We reviewed the structure in light of this limitation and consulted with the creative team to adjust the number of WebGL expressions that could withstand this structure.

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