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Daniel Vitalis: Rewilding, Domesticated Homsapians, & How Civilization Became a Feed Lot

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Daniel Vitalis has some pretty wild ideas about how we as human beings can maintain optimal health and wellness… and that’s a good thing. As a health, nutrition, and personal development strategist, Daniel digs into the science of the subspecies homosapien domesticus fragilus (yeah, that’s us) and shows us how to build a diet that meets our needs as a newly domesticated species striving to return to nature.

Daniel is the founder of and, as well as a renowned health motivator and strategist and a rewilding pioneer. Daniel’s in-depth online magazine, ReWild Yourself, is free to subscribers and is full of real information about how to reach optimal wellness.

So, go check that out and also take a look at the incredible documentary, “Hungry for Change.You’ll get to hear Daniel and other experts in the health and wellness field shedding light on the dark world of the commercial diet and weight-loss industry.

On this week’s show:

  • Daniel explains how the plant genetics you eat actually change your geno… and why that’s the best news ever.
  • He digs deep into human history to reveal why the last true homosapiens are nearly extinct!
  • You’ll get some simple ways to move from a “feedlot existence” to the slightly-wilder life your mind and body crave.
  • Daniel shares how you can shut off cancer genes and stop degenerative disease in just 52 weeks of eating fresh herbs.
  • He answers the question: Why in the world would anyone want to eat pine pollen or elk antlers???
  • You’ll find out why tribal people never work out, but look like Olympic athletes.

Wow, we talked about so much and yet the minutes seemed to fly right by. Check out the show, and I guarantee you’ll never look at a dandelion the same again. Enjoy!


There is an unfortunate taboo about “wildness” in our civilized culture.

By removing ourselves from the gut instincts that are a part of being wild, we have bankrupt ourselves from our greatest power.

When humans built cities, we needed agriculture to support them. Growing our own food has caused a natural disaster because nature cannot repair itself from the cycle of reaping and sowing that we inflict upon it.

When humans began cultivating their own food, the brain and skeleton shrunk and chronic illness and diseases were contracted over time.

Civilization is a high intensity feed lot. On a farm, it’s about immediate return, so you don’t care if they animal has a long healthy life. They’re going to die soon. The animals are there because they are a product.

Our current “civilized humanity” grows 7 billion people for their labor & taxation to provide infrastructure for the civilization. It’s a vicious cycle. Just as factory farmed animals are sick and disempowered, so are modern human beings.

We are a domestic subspecies of homosapiens. We are homosapien domesticus fragilus. We are domesticated and weak.

The average hunter-gatherer has the muscle mass of an Olympic athlete without working out.

Hunter-gatherer people are happier, with little to no suicide, and their teeth don’t cavitate. They consume a more nutrient-rich diet with fewer calories. They expend more calories but work less. They have no degenerative diseases.

This is the last generation of wild humans. While there are still 100 un-contacted tribal civilizations on three different continents, we are rapidly killing them off.

The last wild cow died in 1627.

Most of our “happy places” are associated with nature.

Only 5% of our human existence has lived in civilizations, starting just 10,000 years ago. For some native African and Native American descendants, domestication has only been for 400 years.

Every attempt at civilization has failed: Samaria, Egypt, Greece, Rome.

We have gone from living in tribes of 150 people, down to nuclear families, and now we live in the age of the narcissistic individual.

We are separated from each other, and from the depth of diversity found in nature. We are disconnected from the natural community.

We used to think we were shackled by genetics, but we are finding that genetics can be altered by lifestyle.

Abel: Everything you do is training your geno. What are you training for?

If this is a factory farm, let’s at least make it more like a zoo. The plant genetics we consume radically effect our gene expression.

Try a different fresh herb once a week for a year, and you expose yourself to 52 new plant species, flicking on switches to make you more robust and shutting off cancer genes and degenerative disease.

Nutrition must encompass earth, water, air, and light (fire). Think of nutrition as a fish tank, and you can see how having this balance of vital nutrients effects your wellbeing.

What’s a quick way of explaining how to trend in the right direction? Get off the factory farm and into the zoo.

Abel: How?

  • Move from a crappy diet toward a hunter-gatherer diet.
  • What tomato are you eating? Try exploring the farmer’s market and eating varieties that are heirloom.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables that are slightly bitter, as they are likely closer to the genetics of the wild species.
  • Eat more: asparagus, kelp (sea veggies), berries, grass-fed meats, wild rice
  • A true variety of vegetables, choosing bright colors and bitter greens. (Real wild lettuce is medicinal. It’s an opiate substitute!)

We bred plants to be sweeter and more palatable. When we did that, we took out their medicinal value and their defense mechanisms. (In come the herbicides and pesticides to “save the day.”)

Eat oak leaf and red leaf lettuce, dandelion, ginger, garlic—strong flavors like this are crucial to eating for optimal wellness.

People who have “Old World Wealth” eat such foods as wild game, hand foraged foods, wild fishes, and heirloom vegetables.

Daniel’s morning drink: It varies, but this time it was herbal tea with 4 – 5 wild plant species, add superfood ingredients like dandelion root and burdock, stack the fat.

Elixircraft is like holistic designer drugs. We want things simple with set rules, but the reality is that we’re all different with different strengths and challenges.

You can forage even in urban areas.

The brain is designed to make mental maps of food sources. Once you’ve sourced food somewhere, your instinct will be to protect that spot.

Once you’ve know a wild plant species, your brain won’t forget it and you’ll always be scanning your surroundings, detecting the plant. This gives you a sense of being surrounded by a community of plant species there to help with your survival. Gives you a sense of, “I belong here.”

Daniel is currently working on Wild Yourself, which is not the average internet fluff, but real research and in depth articles.

Why take Pine Pollen or Elk Antler supplements?

We live in a world that rains estrogen (like plastics).

  • Pine pollen contains bio-identical testosterone. It’s an anabolic, androgenic wild food.
  • Elk antlers from the genetically wild elk are living tissues full of collagen and stem cells containing 6 types of collagen, 24 growth factors and blood building compounds. These drops help repair wearing joints and rebuild torn tissue.


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